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“What Are You Talking About?” White House Denies Freaking Out Over Biden’s Reelection Chances

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In a recebt press conference, the White House dismissed all allegations of panic and worries over President Joe Biden’s re-election chances. This is coming after a media story reported that the administration were “freaking out” over the possibility of Biden losing the upcoming election.

On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, during a media briefing, press secretary Karina Jean-Pierre was shocked over some questions. The reporter, who was looking to clarify a story, inquired if the president’s poll numbers were causing panic in the White House. Surprised, Pierre, asked the reporter what he was referring to.

The story the reporter quoted from and referred to was published by Politico earlier on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. She disclosed her inability to comment on the upcoming presidential election as a result of her status as a government employee. However, she was quick to defend the president’s history and record.

Jean-Pierre said that the president always stayed loyal to his roots. She said that Biden is aware of what the American people are experiencing. She added that he understood what families were going through as sit together to make difficult decisions.

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Jean-Pierre asserted that Biden is the better option, claiming that Biden will combat corporate greed. Additionally, she said that Biden has always been clear about that, while the Republicans are doing the direct opposite. She cited Trump tax reforms, claiming the programs were a way to reduce taxes for billionaires and corporations.

She made references to Biden’s promises about reducing the marginalization of certain communities. Despite all the promises and reassurances, Biden’s approval ratings are still low. In recent polling across the country, the democratic candidate is still behind Trump as the election days get closer.

Biden, to save face and reassure donors, has downplayed the importance of the polls. He claims that it is too early for any poll to be taken with absolute certainty.

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POLL—Should the Government Increase Taxes on the Wealthy To Reduce Economic Inequality?

However, media outlets refusing to disclose their sources claim that, despite the answers, it is a different story among the campaign staff. Democrats and the Biden campaign team are concerned about Trump’s increasing popularity and acceptance, according to reports. 

Trump is facing criminal litigation and is currently in the first of maybe four criminal trials. Even if convicted and imprisoned, the Constitution does not bar Trump from becoming president. Meanwhile, Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is facing two criminal cases concerning tax and gun charges. 

Another major issue for the Democratic candidate is his age. Just a few weeks after Election Day on November 5, Biden will turn 82 years old, making him the oldest president in American history.

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In private, Democratic officials close to the campaign are in continual concern over voters’ poor impressions of Biden’s health. In an apparent attempt to soften the president’s rigid step, Biden’s aides have started strolling beside him as he makes his way to and from Marine One, the presidential helicopter, on the White House South Lawn in recent weeks.

Nevertheless, neither side is putting any thought into backup measures. Whether people like to admit it or not, the contest for the general election is almost certain.

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