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Christian Teacher Scores Win in Lawsuit Against School Over Her Refusal to Use “Preferred” Pronouns

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A picture of Jessica Tapia.
Source: FoxNews/X

In a recent development, a Christian teacher has won a lawsuit against her former employer. The teacher was fired after she refused to follow the school’s regulations regarding transgender students. She spoke about the trial and circumstances surrounding it in a recent interview.

In 2022, Jessica Tapia was fired from her job in the Jurupa Unified School District, located in California. Tapia stated that teachers were told to use students’ preferred pronouns and hide their gender identities from parents. However, she refused the directive, as her personal beliefs do not allow for it. 

Upon her dismissal, she filed a lawsuit against the school district in April 2023, with the lawsuit lasting for almost a year. On Tuesday, May 15, 2024, the California federal court ruled in her favor, awarding her a settlement of $360,000 against her former employer. Upon the verdict, she decided to send an encouragement to other people in the education sector whose beliefs aligned with hers. She said that the truth will always be victorious.

Tapia has been involved with the school district for over 20 years. She became associated with the district as a student before securing a teaching position. During her time at the school, they appointed her as a coach as well.

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The situation began on a Friday, September 30, 2022, after she was queried with a letter accusing her of unprofessional conduct. The district board had cited section 44938 of the California Education Code. According to the lawsuit  she filed, she claimed that she was the target of 12 meritless charges.

Tapia said that she realized that it was a struggle with the truth. She called the whole issue a spiritual warfare that was affecting the whole nation, particularly in the educational sector. Additionally, she claimed that students had gone online to fact-check her, discovering undisclosed personal details, such as her conservative Christian beliefs.

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Although she kept her personal and offline online profiles separate, some students did not agree with personal opinions and beliefs. Consequently, these students after discovering her instagram pages reported 8 posts from her “Jesus highlight” to the school.

She was called out of class and put on paid administrative leave after being reported. The school district staff then extended invitations to her to attend three separate meetings.

In the lawsuit, the district said Tapia had shared offensive material on her open Instagram account, spoke about her religion with students, and had divisive opinions about gender identity problems.

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At a later meeting, the district gave Tapia a “Plan of Assistance and Directives” that included lying to parents about their children’s gender identity, using the pronouns that students prefer, not talking to students about her religious beliefs or posting them on social media, and allowing students to use the facilities following their preferred gender.

Tapia requested a religious accommodation, claiming she was unable to fulfill the guidelines since they went against her morals.

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