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HomeNewsPete Davidson Sparks Outrage Among Fans After Walking Off Stage Mid-Performance

Pete Davidson Sparks Outrage Among Fans After Walking Off Stage Mid-Performance

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A picture of Pete Davidson.
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An event that was supposed to be enjoyable left a rather awkward moment for the event host. The audience kept interrupting the comedian, so he abandoned the show mid-performance.

On Friday, May 24, 2024, comedian Pete Davidson performed at the Omaha Steelhouse as part of his Prehab tour. However, the show did not go as planned, as Davidson was a victim of constant heckling by some fans. Consequently, he left the stage before he could deliver the final punch line. A classic example of this is that it takes a few bad apples to ruin the bunch.

According to reports, Davidson arrived at the venue on the evening of May 24, 2024, to fans chanting Ariana Grande’s name. Davidson and Grande dated in 2018, and they became engaged a month into their relationship. The duo broke up after five months, and Grande wrote a song about it.

The chant continued for most of the show until it got too distracting for Davidson despite his appeals. Towards the end of the show, the chants got louder, making it impossible for Davidson to finish his final bit. Subsequently, he dropped the microphone and walked off the stage.

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There was no video of the incident, as Davidson had included a no-phone policy in his show, something he ensured was implemented. However, according to information gathered online, fans who presented at the show gave a countdown of the incident.

Fans have posted their opinions on the incident on their respective social media platforms. Influencer Katelin Stivers uploaded a video to YouTube. In the video, she asked when people stopped being well-behaved. She continued that he couldn’t finish his act just because of some people. 

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Katelin continued by saying that many audience members were proud of Pete Davidson for his heckling. She further highlighted that the harassment of comedians was becoming more common. After the concert, hecklers boasted about their actions. However, one of the hecklers humiliated his girlfriend.

Many people reacted to Katelin’s video, including those who attended the event in Omaha. One user who attended the event wrote a comment, saying they sat next to one of the shout-makers and described the interaction as embarrassing and disappointing.

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They were disappointed that Nebraska would not give him the respect he deserved to complete his set. Undoubtedly humiliating for Omaha, it’s unfortunate that this will be his final visit to the city.

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However, fans believe that he should have informed the audience of his opinion about being bullied rather than leaving the stage during the show. 

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