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Winery Host Corroborates Fani Willis’ Testimony, Claims He Remembers Her Paying Cash

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A picture of Fani Willis and Nathan Wade
Source: Foxnews/X

During her testimony, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis revealed she paid in paper bills on her trips with Prosecutor Nathan Wade. After tasting wine at a Napa Valley estate with her top prosecutor on the Georgia election fraud case, Willis claimed she paid about $400 in cash.

Stan Brody, a winery host, claims he hosted Willis and Wade at Acumen Wines in early 2023. According to Brody, Willis paid for two bottles of wine, each valued at roughly $150 and $50 tasting. Brody, the estate ambassador for Acumen Wines that day, recounted the experience while speaking to CNN. 

He claimed he was surprised when Willis paid using hundreds of dollars in cash. Furthermore, he described it as a memorable transaction, as such cash sales are rare in Napa Valley. Brody, who described himself as a “news junkie,” said watching Willis and Wade testify about their relationship jogged his memory. 

Fani Willis testified under oath, batting down allegations of self-dealing. She said her use of cash explains why no paper trail documents reciprocal payments during her trips with Wade. In addition, she claimed she didn’t benefit financially from her relationship with Wade.

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Therefore, Willis argued the court should not disqualify her from the Georgia election subversion case. Fortunately, Brody’s account corroborates at least part of that testimony. Furthermore, it lends credibility to Willis’ argument that her cash expenditures show no paper trail.

“I ran(g) up the thing and showed her. I was expecting a credit card, quite frankly,” Brody recalled. “And she says I’ll pay cash. And so that was that.” He added, “So then I just put the cash in and provided change for her, and she was very generous to me.”

Willis’ father, John Floyd, testified at length during the hearing. Floyd noted his longtime recommendation that his daughter keep cash around. However, defense attorneys for Donald Trump want a judge to disqualify Willis’ team from the criminal case.

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Also, they want the judge to throw out the charges over misconduct allegations. They claim Fani Willis benefited financially from her relationship with Wade, whom she hired in 2021 to join the prosecution team. During her testimony, the defense team grilled Willis with questions about her claim that she reimbursed Wade in cash for trips. 

The two took trips to Aruba, the Bahamas, and Belize for wine tastings, chocolates, and caviar in Napa Valley. In addition, Wade testified that Willis paid cash for excursions on at least one vacation. Also, he claimed she paid him back for plane flights and other travel. 

“She paid for the excursions, so the expenses sort of balanced out,” he said. “When I travel, I always pay cash,” Fani Willis said of the trips with Wade. She also stated that she paid Wade back for specific transportation and excursions during the travels.

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“He likes wine. I don’t really like wine, to be honest with you,” Willis said during her testimony. “I like Grey Goose.” While answering why there were no receipts for Willis’ reimbursements, Wade said he wasn’t keeping a ledger. The prosecutor noted he wasn’t tracking what he paid for versus what Willis paid for.

While speaking to CNN, Brody reflected positively on his time with Willis and Wade. “These are really nice people,” he said. “They were the kind of people that if I were having a party at my home, I would have invited.” He added, “That’s what I came away with.”

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