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HomeNewsFani Willis Breaks Silence Over Trump Election Fraud Case Prosecutor

Fani Willis Breaks Silence Over Trump Election Fraud Case Prosecutor

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Willis and Wade walking to a press briefing
Source: Atlanta Black Star/X

The District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, Fani Willis, finally made a statement about a recent court filing seeking to undermine her credibility. The filing picks holes in her decision to hire a private attorney, Nathan Wade, as the lead prosecutor on a case involving former President Donald Trump and 14 other people. 

The filing was made by one of Trump’s co-defendants in the case, and it is calling for a repealing of the ruling. Why? The new filing suggests that Willis and Wade had an ongoing romantic relationship while prosecuting the Trump and Co. case. 

So, during District Attorney General Willis’ statement last week, she suggested that everybody who feels she did wrong by hiring Wade is unfair and probably racist. About the claim that she was in a romantic relationship with Wade, Willis simply said he is a “great friend.” She made this comment last Sunday while speaking at the Big Bethel A.M.E. Church in Atlanta. 

To further buttress her defense before the jury of public opinion, Willis mentioned that she hired two other lawyers alongside Wade. Her major point of emphasis is that those two supporting lawyers are White. 

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The Trump and Co. case that Wade was prosecuting involved accusations against former President Donald Trump and 14 other GOPs. The defendants’ trial revolves around their alleged efforts to illegally throw out the results of the 2020 elections in Georgia. Apparently, Trump lost that state to the Democrats. 

While District Attorney Willis is harping on Mr Wade’s competence and credentials, many questions are still begging for answers. For example, the recent court filing by Michael Roman, Trump’s co-defendant, suggests that Willis acted inappropriately. According to Roman, Willis was in a romantic relationship with Wade around the time of his appointment as lead prosecutor for the Trump and Co. case. 

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Likewise, Roman’s court filing claims that Wade is spending the funds he got from the Trump and Co. case for various luxurious vacations. A visit to the Napa Valley countryside and Caribbean cruises, all in the company of Willis, are some of Wade’s alleged excesses. However, the filing does not back the claims with any form of evidence. 

From the look of things, Roman is out to undermine the credibility of Wade, Willis, and the Fulton District Attorney’s Office to prosecute the Trump and Co. case. However, unlike Willis, Wade has not made any statement on the ensuing accusations. 

With the new development, people like Chris Timmons have voiced their opinions. Timmons is a former Georgia prosecutor with extensive experience under his belt. In an analogy, Timmons compares Willis’s hiring of Wade to a person hiring a general practitioner to conduct a brain surgery. So, Timmons is suggesting that Wade does not have the requisite experience to handle a high-profile case. 

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On the contrary, a professor of law and ethics, Clark Cunningham, has a different opinion. He feels Roman’s filing may simply be a smear campaign by Trump loyalists against the prosecutors. Cunningham is calling for the Roman to present whatever evidence he has against Willis and Wade. With that, Georgia’s Attorney General or the Prosecuting Attorney’s Qualification Commission will take up the case and rule accordingly in the instance of any foul play. 

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