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“Inside Will Smith And Alfonso Ribeiro’s Friendship After Starring on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

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Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro have an enviable friendship that spanned decades. The pair have shown that no matter how busy they are, their friendship will always stay intact.

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” stars Alfonso Ribeiro and Will Smith have been friends for over two decades. While their appearance together may give fans a nostalgic feeling, the pair’s relationship goes beyond the walls of Hollywood

The friends have gone deeper in Hollywood and also gained years of experience and expertise. Along with all of their career milestones, Smith and Ribeiro made sure to keep their friendship intact. Here’s what friendship has been like for the two. 

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How The Friendship Started.

It is safe to say that Smith and Ribeiro’s friendship was fated. The Hollywood A-listers met right on the set of their phenomenal sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” At the time, Ribeiro had just completed his stint in a previous show.

Smith, on the other hand, was a young aspiring rapper who was gradually learning the ropes of the music industry. However, his meeting with Quincy Jones put him on another– one he had never considered. 

Jones convinced Smith to audition for a role in the then-new sitcom. Although the youngster was reluctant, he gave it a try and did not look back anymore. Smith bagged the part of the show’s protagonist.

So it turned out that Will, an inexperienced actor, met Ribeiro, who was a child star. However, that did not matter because they got along really well, and their TV buddy chemistry morphed into a real life-long friendship.

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How Smith and Ribeiro Keep up With Each other 

Years after “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” ended, Ribeiro and Smith stayed close-knit. This was obvious as recently as last year when the sitcom’s cast met up for a reunion.

Once in an interview, Ribeiro opened up about the strength of their friendship, relaying at the time that he had known Smith for “24 or 25 years.” He added that they had spent so many years together attaining milestones and starting families.

Some Facts About the Stars

The longtime friends have a reason always to get together, including their shared love for golf. Smith and Ribeiro often take photos for social media, showing their enthusiasm for golf.

They still pull perfect tricks and funny scenes. During an iconic episode of “The Graham Norton Show,” Smith brought out Ribeiro, and the pair wowed the crowd with Ribeiro’s Carlton Banks signature dance.

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The pair have also stayed supportive of each other. During a trying time in Smith’s life, Ribeiro did not hesitate to stand by his friend. It was a time when Smith faced backlash after his divorce from Sheree Zampino. Smith was slowly losing himself, but Ribeiro helped him through. 

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