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Jojo Siwa Owned Her Truth and Opened Up About Her Sexuality: Here’s How She Made History

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Teenage superstar Jojo Siwa recently showed courage on social media after sharing a series of media content informing fans that she identifies as being queer.

Jojo Siwa is a fast-rising act among tweens and teenagers, and all the while, the youngster Identified with the colors of the rainbow and everything brilliant and shiny.

Recently Siwa opened up on social media in her own creative way that her identity with being colorful meant more than aesthetics. The star shared a few clips of videos letting fans know she was queer.

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Siwa on Coming Out.

The star posted cryptic videos showing her lip-synching to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” which is considered to be the LGTBQ anthem, and also rocking a shirt that read, “Best gay cousin ever.” 

A few days after this, she gave an interview where she talked about her journey to opening up and how it has been so far. The “Boomerang” singer noted that she always knew she was queer.

Her mom attested to this, and Siwa added that she wanted her coming out sorry to be less of a fuss. However, because not many of her age mates have come out, her story became inspiring and a big deal.

The 18-year-old recalled feeling “personally happy” about how much support she received. Stars like Elton John and Meghan Trainor showed their approval. However, Siwa’s coming out was not all on the sunny side.

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She received some backlashes as fans-turned-critics called her out for the reveal. Siwa recalled seeing a fan relaying that she would not wear her merch anymore. However, the star showed courage, noting that anyone who did not support the queer community could stop being her fan. 

Who Is Siwa’s Girlfriend?

Siwa’s girlfriend is Kylie Prew, and she had an influence on the singer’s decision to reveal her truth. The teenage girls met on a boat cruise and hit it off pretty quickly.

Siwa sweetly recalled their first conversation: “I told her my whole spiel that I tell everyone when they ask me my life story,” Siwa recalled. “She goes, ‘I could have Googled that. I want to know your life story….”

The music star added that Prew seemed exceptional when she asked Siwa to tell her about herself. Siwa said that no one ever asked her such a thoughtful question.

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Siwa Makes History 

The “Hold The Drama” singer was recently announced as one of the faces fans would see on the coming season of “Dancing With The Stars.” However, the announcement came with a nod to the LGBTQ community.

Siwa will be making history as the first celebrity dancer in 30 seasons to appear in the ballroom with a same-sex partner. When asked how she was able to pull it off, Siwa noted that the invitation to join DWTS came with an option.

The “Dance Moms” star shared that the option was for her to either dance with a girl or a boy, and she wasted no time opting for her desire. Now Siwa looks forward to showing off her skills with pros like Jenna Johnson, Lindsay Arnold, or Brit Stewart. 

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