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What Will America Look Like If Trump Wins the 2024 Presidential Election

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As election D-Day draws near, another round of a Donald Trump presidency looks increasingly likely, so much so that even the greatest opponents of the former president have to admit it.

Donald Trump
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Therefore, one of the biggest questions on many people’s minds is, “What will America look like with Trump in the White House?” Let’s find out.

Trump and the Economy

If Donald Trump is going to mount the saddle of leadership, the economy is one issue that will concern both his supporters and opponents. Indeed, America has had it pretty rough in the past three and a half years of the Biden administration. 

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Everyone, including liberals, conservatives, and those in the middle, has battled rising costs. From the grocery store to the gas station, the story has been the same. But Trump has a way forward.

Trump’s New Economic Plan

Yes, “New.” That’s because the former president has since shelved his old plan for a new one. He has boasted that this new one, which he said is less costly, will deliver a 4% annual growth rate. This is double the present rate of 2%. 

A Picture of Trump Supporters
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First, Trump will set the ball rolling by introducing tax cuts. His plan also involves creating 25 million new jobs within the next decade.

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A Massive Drop in Taxes

The tax cuts are perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Trump’s economic plan. The billionaire investor is set to initiate drastic changes in the country’s tax rates. 

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He plans to drop the tax rate for businesses from the current 35% to a significantly lower 15%. This move will undoubtedly give businesses more room to flourish and expand their operations.

Higher Military Spending

You should also expect an increase in our defense budget during a Donald Trump presidency. Trump has never hidden his love for the armed forces of America. He has also been pretty vocal about the country’s need to prepare more extensively against external threats.

A Picture of United States Soldiers
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This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that he elevated America’s military spending during his first stint at the White House.

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Trump’s Past Military Spending

In 2019, Trump shocked the country’s military planners when he unveiled his proposed 2020 military defense budget. Given his propensity for spending money on national defense, Pentagon officials had expected a budget of $733 billion.

A Picture of the Pentagon
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This would have been a 2.4% increase from the previous year’s. However, to their amazement, he went even further by proposing $750 billion, a whopping 4.7% rise.

Guns Rights and Gun Control

2023 was a tough year for gun control advocates. The year witnessed 656 mass shootings and resulting deaths. President Joe Biden has made several efforts to stem the tide. One is the gun safety bill, which he signed into law.

A Picture of Gun Control Protest
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This law includes several provisions that ensure that guns don’t get into the wrong hands. Some of these are tighter background checks and a ban on “ghost guns.”

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Guns Under Trump 

Under a second Trump presidency, the tables will turn on most of these policies. Trump has been vocal about his desire to preserve gun access for Americans. Specifically, he has vowed to undo all Biden’s “anti-gun” measures within a week of assuming work at the Oval Office. 

A Picture of Guns
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“No one will lay a finger on your firearms,” he vowed. He made this promise during a meeting with the National Rifle Association (NRA). 

Trump and Climate Change

As expected, anti-climate change activists won’t be looking forward to a Donald Trump election win this November. The reasons are pretty obvious. The real estate tycoon has been outspoken about his plans to cut funding for climate change agencies.

A Picture of Climate Change Effects
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In fact, the former UN climate chief has warned about how a Trump presidency could reverse gains in global climate change goals.

Patricia Espinosa Warns About “Strong Consequences.”

World leaders have set a goal of limiting global heating to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. But so far, things haven’t been going according to plan in terms of meeting this target. Yet, according to the Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Patricia Espinosa, Donald Trump could worsen matters.

A Picture of a Climate Change Conference
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“I worry because it would have very strong consequences if we see a regression regarding climate policies in the US,” she stated.

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America’s Crucial Role in Climate Change

America is a major player in the fight against climate change. A reversal of its efforts will spell doom to global climate change ambitions. Not only is the country the second biggest greenhouse gas emitter, it is the world’s biggest oil and gas exporter.

A Picture of Joe Biden in a Wind Energy Farm
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During his previous reign, Trump reversed many Obama-era climate participations. He also gave a big blow to the global anti-climate change efforts by pulling the US from the Paris Agreement.

What About the Mexican Border?

Perhaps the biggest talking point of the Trump campaign is Biden’s handling of the US-Mexican border. Trump has promised to continue building barriers between both countries. 

A Picture of Migrants
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Biden’s lax border policies have created a disaster of unprecedented proportions since 2020. But Trump has vowed to get things back on track by increasing deportation and reversing birthright citizenship for undocumented migrants. Lastly, we should expect Trump to bring the hammer on Mexican drug cartels.

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