Thursday, July 11, 2024
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Sen. Fetterman and Wife Rushed to the Hospital After Fatal Car Crash

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In the aftermath of an accident, Democrat Senator John Fetterman has been rushed to a hospital. According to reports, the accident happened after two vehicles collided on a highway in northern Maryland. 

On Sunday, June 9, 2024, the Maryland Police Department announced that Fetterman and his wife had been involved in a car crash. According to the police, he was driving a Traverse when he collided with an Impala in Hancock. The incident was reported to have occurred around 8 am. According to the report, both vehicles had the same manufacturer, Chevrolet.

Subsequently, after the accident, Fetterman, along with his wife and the other driver, were transferred to Berkeley Springs War Memorial Hospital. According to reports, the injury that the Democratic Senator sustained was minor, as he was brought in for a bruised shoulder.

The Democrat has had a rather elaborate history of health problems, with the most severe happening in 2022.  During his senatorial campaign, the Democrat fell victim to a stroke that almost resulted in his demise. 

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Additionally, following his near death experience in 2022, from the stroke, Fetterman suffered from an auditory injury. Consequently, the impairment requires that the senator use his phone as a translator in order to understand coworkers and journalists at Capitol Hill.

This encouraged the Democrats’ headquarters in Washington, D.C., to implement a live closed captioning system to adhere to his needs. Fetterman is well known for his occasional reply to questions with half sentences.

According to reports, the accident occurred between Interstate 70 and 68. According to an immediate investigation, both vehicles were traveling on the highway when all of a sudden fetterman vehicles rear-ended the Impala. The authorities stated that no tickets were given and that the incident was being investigated.

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A media representative for Fetterman’s office confirmed the incident in a statement. Additionally, the spokesperson stated that the couple had recovered’ and were glad at their home. The spokesperson had announced their decision to stay in Braddock until their full recovery.

During his treatment, doctors gave him a scare, and they put a defibrillator and pacemaker in his chest. Additionally, in 2023, the 6-foot-8 senator admitted himself to Walter Reed Hospital for more than a month to receive therapy for mental depression.

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The Democrat senator gained attention for openly supporting Israel against Hamas, a major step from his party members’ position. Fetterman had revealed in an interview that surviving an almost fatal stroke gave him the confidence to speak his mind regardless of whether.

Fetteron referenced a scene from the first Batman movie where the Joker said, ‘I’ve already died once.'” It’s rather freeing.” He continued saying that, in some ways, it’s liberating. He added that after overcoming everything, he simply think that he should be free to speak out about the things he genuinely believe in without worrying about backlash.

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