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“He’s Truly Lost His Mind,” Critics Slam Lindsey Graham for Calling D-Day a Failure

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Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.)
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80 years ago, on June 6th, 1944, over 150,000 Allied troops carried out the largest seaborne invasion in history when they landed on the beaches of Normandy, France. This marked the end of the German invasion and is now called the D-Day. It is usually celebrated in June by many countries and still holds a lot of historical significance eighty years later. 

However, Republican Senator Linsey Graham (R-SC) recently made some remarks that seemed to belittle the historical importance of this date. In an interview with CBS on a morning airing on June 30th, he said that he believes that the U.S. should never have launched the invasion to begin with. Ironically, he made this statement while discussing battling Russia’s Vladimir Putin for their invasion of Ukraine. 

The Republican senator further made things worse by trying to compare the Ukraine-Russia war to the fight against the Nazis in 1944. According to him, this pivotal battle was simply an “unnecessary war.” Graham continued, saying that even though the United States of America celebrated the 80-year anniversary of D-Day, it was still a failure to him. 

He believed that the country had many chances to stop Hitler but never did until it was too late. Therefore, he likened this to the situation in Ukraine. He said that the war was neither about the American weapons present in Ukraine nor NATO but simply about a “megalomaniac” who wanted to create the Russian Empire using armed forces. 

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As Americans spent days in June honoring those who lost their lives and sustained serious injuries, it was not surprising that people reacted immediately towards Graham’s comments during his interview with CBS’ Margaret Brennan. Attorney Bradley Mos posted a clip of the senator on X (formerly known as Twitter) with a caption that said someone should tell him the clip was fake. 

This video gained a lot of traction, and many people commented and reposted with their own opinions. One commenter named SnarkyPanda wrote that they believed Graham must have lost his mind. He also likened the senator’s stance to backing “Hitler Jr” while also saying that people should have stopped Hitler earlier than 1944. 

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Many others called him insensitive and criticized his stance as well. Marc Goldstein, another commenter, said that Graham only has this opinion because fascists are still in public office 80 years later.

However, Goldstein advised Graham to look in the mirror as he believed that the senator was one of them. Another critic, Covfefe, wrote that Graham was simply a vile little man. This commenter also brought up the Capitol Riot that occurred on January 6th, 2021.

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He wrote that D-Day was not a failure, but he believed Graham’s Capitol Riot scheme with ex-president Donald Trump was what should be considered a failure. The backlash that the Republican senator has gotten has only continued to increase as many people believe he is a “disgraceful” politician who should not be representing the people of America. 

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The 68-year-old senator has not responded or released any official statement retracting his remarks yet. 

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