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Texas Installs New Anti-Climb Fence at US-Mexico Border

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Texas has installed a new “anti-climb” razor fence at the US-Mexico border amid legal battles with the Biden Administration. The new measure comes as Republicans continue their election-year critique of President Joe Biden’s border policies.

A picture of the Texas anti-climb fence
Source: FoxNews/X

Fox News reporter Matt Finn shared a video showing camouflaged Texas troops installing the barrier near El Paso. In a post on X, Finn said the anti-climb fence resembled a “wall” installed at Eagle Pass. Notably, Governor Greg Abbott deployed the Texas National Guard to Eagle Pass during the migrant crisis.

“Exclusive: first up-close look at Texas’ new wire fence and barrier going up in El Paso,” Finn wrote. The seven-second video shows the installation of a standard-looking wire fence backed by several layers of razor wire. In addition, the reporter said, “Miles of it. Similar to the effective ‘wall’ in Shelby Park, Eagle Pass.”

After the video started circulating on X, Republicans celebrated the apparent defiance. They celebrated the development as a rebuke of the Biden administration and a victory for Abbott. For context, Biden and Abbott have been at loggerheads over the migrant crisis.

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Abbott has heavily criticized Biden while calling for former President Donald Trump’s return to the White House. With the legal battle reaching a boiling point in March, the new razor fence sends a loud message of defiance. Conservative commentator and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk also commented on the anti-climb fence.

He argued that Abbott installed the fence in defiance of “the Biden Regime.” Afterward, Kirk noted that a large group of undocumented migrants knocked over a fence and overpowered the Texas National Guard.

“Texas has once again DEFIED the Biden Regime by taking back control of the El Paso border,” Kirk wrote. “Texas National Guard installed concertina wire and a new anti-climb fence this morning.” “On March 21st, a mob of illegals pushed through border personnel,” he continued.

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“Rioting, and then tearing apart the previous razor wire barrier.” Similarly, right-wing political cartoonist Ben Garrison joined in the discourse. Garrison shared a drawing of Biden wrapped inside the fence with razor wire spelling “MAGA.” In the drawing, an armadillo carrying a Texas flag looks at the President and says, “Don’t mess with Texas.” 

Also, while sharing the cartoon, Garrison made comments that were very similar to Kirk’s. “Don’t mess with Texas!” Garrison wrote. “Today, the Texas National Guard defied the Biden regime and again took control of the El Paso border, installing concertina wire (razor wire) and a new anti-climb fence.”

Also, The Conservative Read, an account that “works to combat the biased mainstream media,” criticized the Biden administration. They argued that the fence was pushing back against Biden “prioritizing illegals.” “While the Biden admin refuses to close the border, prioritizing illegals,” the account commented while sharing Finn’s video.

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“Texas continues to take matters into their own hands to protect our nation’s sovereignty & security.” The account added, “Texas National Guard installing new wire fence and barriers in El Paso.” This is not the first time Texas has tried to enforce its own border policies.

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Abbott has enforced strict border policies in defiance of the federal government, including busing migrants to sanctuary cities. As a result, the Biden administration and many others from the political left have criticized the moves. They described Abbott’s tactics as heavy-handed and “cruel,” and the policies have faced a series of court challenges.

Also, Biden has accused Republicans of intentionally worsening the migrant situation as a political tool. The President accused them of bolstering their chances of winning November’s presidential election by exacerbating the problem.

Biden claimed that Trump urged GOP lawmakers to block a bipartisan bill that included $20 billion to secure the border. However, the anti-climb fence installation in El Paso follows the March 21 incident that some have called a “riot.” Over 100 asylum seekers reportedly overpowered troops in an attempt to enter the US illegally.

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