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Meet SOLIA: The K-Pop Music Group That Broke a Record for Disbanding in Five Days

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SOLIA, a five-member girl group, took the K-pop world by a storm after releasing their first music project before deciding to go solo a few days later.

SOLIA is a five-member music girl group that came together with the dreams of putting out more music and defining K-pop their own way. However, things turned awry only a few days after their music debut.

The girls made it to news headlines after their agency, Space Music Entertainment, shared the shocking news of how they could not continue together. Here are tidbits about the development.

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SOLIA Goes Solo

Up until the time of disbandment, the SOLIA singers and their agency worked on publicity. And how to get fans accustomed to their presence in entertainment.

The girls promoted their music via their official Instagram account, which was created on June 16. By August 17, their first album, “Dream,” was released, however, things went south really quickly.

On August 22, Space Music Entertainment took to social media and announced that they would no longer be working with SOLIA. The statement read that they made the decision after long hours of communication.

The statement also addressed fans, noting that the group was sorry for the short period of time. Fans were also asked to keep up with the singers individually.

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Messages From the Defunct SOLIA

Following Space Music’s announcement, each of the singers took to their individual social media pages, sending out apologies to their fans. Sun-A addressed the issue on her Instagram page.

The young singer wrote: “Even though my time as SOLIA’s Sun-A wasn’t long, I am thankful for the love I have received; although we had no choice but to end things, please listen [to] SOLIA’s ‘DREAM…”

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See also penned an apology, sharing that although the group had a short time, she had an excellent time being a group member with the other girls. She thanked fans for the support and also asked for more support concerning her future in music.

After the following developments, there was an outpouring of love and compassion for the group members as fans felt for them. Most of SOLIA fans called out their agency for the disbandment.

Meet the Former Group Members

The group included Hayeon, Soyeon, Soree, Suna, and Eunbi. Before branching into music and forming SOLIA, Soyeon and Soree were members of a dance performance group. Remember.

Suna, Hayeon, and Eunbi originally started with music, and they initially formed an all-girls music band called SIOSIJAK. The group went defunct, and in subsequent times, the trio moved ahead with SOLIA.

The reason for their separation was not stated, but fans hurled criticisms at the group’s management. This is because there have been speculations that SOLIA broke up. A notable assumed reason is that the company did not have the required funds to manage them.

SOLIA might not have endured, but they do leave an indelible mark. The defunct group became the fastest music band to disband as regards their debut in K-pop history.

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