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Here’s How Ryan Reynolds Opened Up About His Mental Health Struggles

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Ryan Reynolds took the bull by the horns during the Mental Health Awareness Month, where he reached out to fans about his shocking struggles with anxiety.

Ryan Reynolds’ burst of energy, charisma, and unhinged goofiness often plays out in the many roles on the big screen, which is also apparent in his social media pages.

So it came as quite a shocker when the star laid it bare in Mental Health Awareness Month. Ryan made it known to his followers and large fanbase that he struggles with anxiety attacks.

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Ryan Shares His Anxiety Issues

The “Hitman’s Bodyguard” actor took to Instagram during the Mental Awareness Month, which runs from the first of May through the rest of the month. Ryan did not mince words as he made it known that he has been battling anxiety for the longest time.

At the time he posted the eye-opening news, it was towards the end of the awareness month. Ryan noted that he posted it at that time because of the anxiety attacks. The “Deadpool” star added that his anxiety causes him scheduling problems.

Ryan, who often comes off as confident and goofy, relayed that he decided to bring forward his mental health condition so that others who suffered from anxiety would know that they were not alone.

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Ryan Points to His Childhood Experience

In his post, he continued stating some symptoms that result from anxiety. The 44-year-old star shared that he had the tendency always to overthink, overwork and over-worry.

In older times, Ryan has tried tracing his anxiety issues to his childhood. He shared that his father was a tough person who was not easy on anyone or himself. The “Proposal” actor added that growing up in his home was very relaxing.

The actor noted that he tried to control his surroundings by controlling himself, which might have been the genesis of his anxiety. So to turn off his anxiety issues at times, Ryan turns to his goofy “Deadpool” self.

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How His Daughters Helped Him Speak Up

The award-winning actor shared the following month that his three daughters were the driving force for him regarding speaking up about anxiety. He noted that he realized that they saw him as a model.


Ryan explained that for his kids, he was the model when it comes to expressing oneself, be it anxiousness, sadness, or anger. The movie star added that parents were in charge of modeling behavior.

The star actor shares his adorable mini-mes, James, Betty, and Inez, with his wife and fellow star Blake Lively. Once speaking about fatherhood, Ryan noted that it was a “dream” he loved so much.

Insiders have shared that the girl dad sometimes feels outnumbered, wanting to balance the ratio at home with a baby boy. However, Ryan has proved that he is not bothered by this. He once noted that if he had nine daughters, he’d be thrilled!

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