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Michael K Williams: The Life and Death of a Great Storyteller

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Michael K Williams has passed on. The actor was found unresponsive in his home and pronounced dead by authorities. Williams died at the age of 54, but his acting legacy could never be undermined. 

Many Hollywood fans were thrown into a mourning mood following the announcement that the spectacular actor, Michael K Williams, has passed on. Since then, heartfelt tributes have popped up everywhere on social media in honor of the life he lived. 

Many of Williams’ colleagues can attest to the dedicated way the late actor portrayed his roles and the calm demeanor around him when he was off movie sets. Williams will be remembered for the intricate way he took storytelling. Here’s a look through the life and times of the star. 

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Michael Williams’ Life Through His Movies. 

The star actor was known for a range of movies that certified him as an A-lister and an award-winning actor. Among his many pivotal roles, Williams’ reputation reigns supreme for his Omar Little role.  

Playing Omar Little in “The Wire” was the turning point from a minor role actor to a bigshot Hollywood actor. And Williams made sure to embody the role. For him, the part meant more than acting.

The “When They See Us” actor once mentioned that the character was significant to him in many ways, and it became his “superman suit.” He added that it made him feel “invincible.”

The actor played another awe-inspiring role, Chalky White, on “Boardwalk Empire” in 2012. The role earned him a Screen actors Guild award. In “Assassin’s Creed,” William mentioned that he got the opportunity to be “an action hero.”

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The “12 Years A Slave” star who bagged five Emmy nominations gave his take on why he starred in “When They See Us.” He made it known he felt obliged to have it in his acting resume. He ascribed it to being from New York as an African-American who knew what profiling was about. 

How Williams Portrayed Roles

One thing to note about Williams’ distinctive way of portraying roles is that he strips himself of everything Williams and thoroughly experiences the role. Williams played roles that could not be stereotyped by race or sexuality.

Williams also used his roles to channel his late father and other members of his family so he could relate to their experiences. In “Boardwalk Empire,” the star based his Chalky White character on his dad, who was raised in J Crow South. 

In “The Night Of,” Williams tried to channel the experience of another family member who was incarcerated. Williams learned to play vulnerable characters to portray black masculinity in all its forms.

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The Life and Death of the Williams

The Hollywood icon is a Brooklyn native, born in 1966. Playing Omar Little opened doors of opportunity and fans saw him take on roles in movies like “Bessie,” which earned him his first Emmy nomination. 

Part of his legacy included giving back to society. Williams launched a charity organization, Making Kids Win, an organization to build community centers in urban neighborhoods to provide playgrounds for kids. 

A relative had shared that the last time he heard from William was last Friday when they planned for an event on Saturday. William ended up not showing up, and the relative went to check on him.

The A-lister was found face down in his luxury apartment in Brooklyn. Authorities found substances suspected to be heroin on the kitchen table, and an overdose of heroin has been theorized as the cause of his death. 

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