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Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Reveal: A Look Into The Life of Kylie As She Expects Her second Baby With Travis Scott

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Reality star Kylie Jenner recently disclosed her pregnancy in a heartwarming Instagram post. The big reveal finally confirmed the weeks-long pregnancy rumors circulating the media.

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy reveal is taking the world by storm. This is mostly because speculations that she was expecting a second baby had been making the rounds on social media for weeks.

The cosmetics mogul put the rumors to rest on Tuesday, sharing a video featuring the test results, her sonogram session, Kris Jenner’s reaction to the big news, and Stormie’s cute reaction.

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One could deduce from the video that the three-year-old is certainly looking forward to becoming a big sister.

Kylie’s Pregnancy Reveal

The 24-year-old’s pregnancy became the talk of town weeks back after TikToker  HannaHein6787 pointed out that the beauty mogul avoided alcohol during the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” reunion.

The revelation spurred rumors at the time, which became more widespread following her birthday in August. Another TikTok user, noticed that neither the icon nor her friends posted photos from her birthday, which was unlike the Kardashian-Jenner circle.

Stassi, Kylie’s close friend, only posted a photo of them holding hands, with the reality star’s rainbow-colored manicure standing out. Jenner eventually shared a full-length birthday shot, only it showed her rocking pink manicures. Where did the rainbows go!

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Of course, save a few model shots publicizing her new cosmetic set, Kylie’s social media rarely showed her in full-length bikini snaps, which was unlike the young model.

The absence of full-length sultry shots in her feeds caught the attention of social media users, including @sussan_mouran, who noted that Kylie seemed to have taken a step back from bikini shots this summer.

Caitlyn’s Announcement

Finally, Caitlyn Jenner’s revelation in August, that she had a grandchild “in the oven” seemed like the confirmation the world needed that Kylie was about to become a second-time mom.

However, Caitlyn’s son, Burt Jenner revealed hours later, that his girlfriend, Valerie Pitalo, was pregnant. That gave netizens and rumor mongers a step back from Kylie’s life and motherhood. But not for so long.

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Kylie Is Pregnant Afterall!

After keeping mum on the subject for weeks, the young billionaire finally outed her big secret on Instagram. She shared a video highlight of the events that played out from when she found out about the pregnancy, to the moment she shared the news with family.

The clip began with a pregnancy test disc displaying on the screen as Kylie held it up for the camera. The word, “pregnant” displayed on it, confirming her status.

Scott Is A Dad Again

One doesn’t need to look so far to discover the lucky dad of Kylie’s baby 2. In her video, she revealed her on-and-off partner Travis Scott as her child’s father. She captured the rapper’s reaction after finding out about her pregnancy.

The video showed him looking all-excited as he leaned over the young mom, embracing her baby bump intimately. He also radiated joy and happiness as the twosome got into the car with their daughter, Stormi, on their way to the hospital.

Before hitting the road, Kylie’s voice sounded in the background, asking her daughter if she was ready to “go see mommy’s doctor.” The 3-year-old happily replied with “yes.”

Happy Moments

The video cut to the expectant mom lying on a hospital bed with her nose mask on, as a medical practitioner performed a sonogram on her.

The reality star was emotional, placing her right hand over her tummy protectively as she watched her unborn baby’s heartbeat on the screen. The gynecologist seemed to have said something funny, as Scott and Kylie burst into hearty laughter.

Next, the clip showed the emotional moment Kylie shared the news with her mom, Kris. Stormi ushered in the surprise, handing a pile of sonogram shots to the momager.

She accepted the films from the little girl, asking “What is this?” before proceeding to go through them. Kris almost busted with excitement as she exclaimed:

“Wait! Are you pregnant?”

Kris then pulled Stormi closer, telling her “we’re going to have a baby,” before confirming it was one of the happiest days of her life, amid tears of joy.

Excited To Be A Big Sis

Stormi seemed like the most excited of them all, spreading her contagious energy and joy to everyone around her.

The clip showed the youngster living out her final days as an only child, in the company of her parents at Kylie’s birthday party.

Later in the video, the little girl looked content sitting beside her mom and watching the screen closely during a sonogram session.

The clip also showed her playing outdoors alone, before cutting to Stormi planting endless kisses on her mom’s baby bump during a photoshoot.

Kylie Would Make A Great Mom

Kylie Jenner has been open about her love for children and determination to have a big family, like her mom. Her openness on the subject has left many debating whether or not she would make a good mom.

Since welcoming Stormi with Travis Scott in 2018, the star has been under public scrutiny, with trolls lying in wait to record a lapse in parenting judgment. But the cosmetic mogul doesn’t seem to have made any to date.

Instead, she has proved herself a pillar of perfection, destined for motherhood. From keeping her first pregnancy out of the spotlight to giving her daughter the best presents and birthday bashes.

Sources also confirmed that the star had a good relationship with her daughter, always kept her close, and even took her to work.

Such show of care and affection was uncommon among moguls and public figures who would rather leave the kids to the nannies and housekeepers. This goes to show that Kylie is acing her motherhood game.

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