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5 Times Cardi B Has Fired Back at Critics

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Cardi B has gained fame for her mainstream music as much as she has earned a reputation for major back and forth on the internet. She often makes sure critics don’t get away with the bashing.

Over time, star rapper Cardi B has shown that she doesn’t mind fighting dirty on social media when it comes to internet trolls and critics. And if the rapper is known for another thing besides music, it’s her outspoken nature.

The star utilizes her social media presence for music, goofy moments, and the flip side of it, which is her constant response to critics. Check out some of the times she actively took part in a war of words.

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Cardi B Responds to Candace Owen in WAP

Last year in August, the “Bodak Yellow” crooner and fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion released their chart-topping song, “WAP.” The song carried explicit and adult content.

While the track gathered millions of approval, there were some who found it inappropriate. Before long, conservative author Candace Owens called Cardi B and Megan out.

She termed the explicit content as an “attack on American values and American tradition.” Owens added that it was also harmful to kids. Cardi B got wind of the interview and fired back.

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The two women had a back and forth on Twitter within which Cardi wrote that only parents could monitor their kids. The rapper also shared two old nude snapshots of the former FLOTUS, Melania Trump, in response to Owens.


Cardi B on Body Image and Photoshops

The “Press” rapper has proved time and time again that body image issues could never be a thing in her life. Cardi B has been the subject of body image attacks in the past, but she has proved that she has thick skin.

Not just a thick skin, but one that fights back at trolls. Just last year, the star stepped out of her home in a Louis Vuitton two-piece swimsuit to show off her rolls.

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In the video, the mom-of-one noted that she previously saw a photoshopped image of herself which was a caricature. The award-winning rapper said that it prompted her to let the naysayers know that she was comfortable in her skin.

Kulture’s Birthday Drama

Last month, the Grammy winner and her husband, Offset, celebrated their daughter, Kulture’s third birthday. As always, the power couple went all out to organize a princess-themed event.

Offset gave the little girl an iced-out Richard Mille watch with $250,000 worth. Cardi also got the toddler diamond-encrusted pendants worth $150,000. Many critics flooded her timeline, noting that they felt the gifts were too extravagant for a child.

The mama bear was having none of it as she hit the comment section, sharing that she was living vicariously through her daughter. Cardi defended her actions, relaying that she could not get all the luxury as a kid.

More Clapback Moments from the Rapper

She was once again shrouded in internet drama when fans criticized her for preventing her daughter from listening to “WAP.” Many thought she was hypocritical because other kids out there listened to the song.

The “Please Me” rapper clapped back, mentioning that the song was for adults. She sounded a piece of parenting advice that parents should be meticulous about what their children should have access to or listen to.

After she was named the Billboard Woman of the Year last year, critics were yet again unimpressed. However, the “Up” rapper tackled them head-on, relaying that she has been active in community matters besides her music.

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