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How Hip Hop Duo City Girls Became an Overnight Sensation

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Music stars Yung Miami and JT of the City Girls rap duo are one of Hip Hop’s fast-rising stars, and this feat did not come without some hitches on their way to stardom.

JT and Yung Miami have taken their City Girls franchise to the next level in just a few years. The girls owe this impressive achievement to hard work, grit, and perseverance.

The duo spiced their brand with expressive and catchy words, from hot summer-worthy tracks to girl power sounds. So far, City Girls have grown into becoming a household name in rap music. Here is a timeline of their career.

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Who Are the City Girls?

Before JT and Young Miami started belting out unabashed Hip Hop lyrics, they were first Jatavia Johnson and Caresha Brownlee, two Miami natives with troubled pasts and bags full of musical dreams.

The pair met in middle school, where Ying Miami was a grade younger. In a January 2020 interview, JT recalled the first time she saw Miami and thought to herself that they would be friends.

The pair came from troubled families, each bearing childhood trauma and vowing to live above it. Miami grew up in Opa-Locka, one of the most volatile areas in Miami-Dade. The star had a lavish childhood lifestyle.

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This was because her mom’s drug-dealing lover could afford for them to live well. However, the rosy moments quickly turned to the opposite with Miami’s mom going to jail. At the time, she was in middle school and had just met JT.

JT’s childhood was not different from her best friend’s, growing up in Liberty City with her drug-dealing father, who had 16 children. JT recalled becoming rebellious, and she eventually started living with Miami at her grandmother’s.

Inside Their Careers

The girls grew older, living their best lives, trying to make things even better for them. Along the line, Miami welcomed her first child. Their music career came to life in 2017, when they hit the studios to release a diss track.

At the time, the pair weren’t so keen on their music direction, and all they wanted to do was diss a neighborhood mate. However, the producers saw potential, and this was about two best friends being themselves.

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This was the focal point of their careers, and in no time, the “Season” rappers went viral for the catchphrases in their lyrics. The pair got signed to Quality control in collaboration with Motown Records.

The Troubles Times and How Miami Held It Down

The City Girls were beginning to get a hang on of what their rap career should look like, and it seemed nothing could stop them until JT’s brush with the law.

The 28-year-old was sentenced to two years on credit card fraud charges, and it was only just last year that she completed her jail term. All the while, Miami made sure to keep her head above water and build their brand.

The “Flewed Out” crooners thrived with how Miami secured collaborations and appeared in music videos making sure to wear an outfit representing JT. Most notably was their collaboration with Drake on “In My Feelings,” which earned them their first Billboard Hot 100 appearance.

The Plan Is To Keep Thriving

Since IT became free again to return to the studio, fans have seen the City Girls thrive. They further built their playful lyrics around songs like “Twekulator,” “Act Up,” and “Jobs.”

JT and Miami were able to define the terms of true friendship as they made sure to keep their music career afloat despite the lapses. These days, the rap duos only work towards the goal of becoming A-lister and icons.

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