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How Felicity Huffman is Handling Life After College Scam

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Years after the college admission scam was brought to light and months after Felicity Huffman completed her jail term, there have been reports of her getting back on track and moving on with her life.

In 2019, Felicity Huffman and many other parents, some of whom are also in the spotlight like her, were apprehended for a college admission scam. The back and forth and court proceedings saw her bag a short jail term, among other sentences.

These days Huffman seems to be getting back on her feet and moving on with her career, since she completed her sentence and all the conditions attached to it. Here’s all Huffman has been up to.

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Life is Back to Normal

A source close to Huffman and her family has revealed that the “Desperate Housewives” actress’ “life is back to normal.” The source noted that while her kids are thriving in college. Huffman and her husband, William H. Macy have a lot going for them.

The insider added that the couple is working on big projects and keeping themselves busy. The source noted that Huffman did “the walk the right way,” noting that she accepted the responsibility, rehabilitated her career, and is now working on her reputation.

Along with her 13-day sentence, she bagged 250 hours of community service time. The source noted that even after completing the stipulated 250 hours, Huffman continued to do volunteer work.

What Huffman Has Been Up To

The “This Is Us” actress has since landed a gig with ABC to feature in a single-camera comedy. Her role will depict an unlikely owner of a minor league baseball team after her husband’s passing.

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The comedy project, which is yet to be named, will feature “Peanut Butter Falcon,” starring Zack Gottsegen, who will play the main character’s son. Reports show that the single-camera show is based on Triple-A World Champion owner Susan Savage.

Besides Hollywood, insiders noted that Huffman had a rewarding time during her community service. The Golden Globe winner got so engrossed in helping homeless teens, and this was an eye-opening experience for her.

Operation Varsity Blues

As of 2019, Netflix put out the first film project that followed the College scam admission. However, most parts of the details played out before the public. Authorities apprehended Huffman, Lori Loughlin, and over 30 other parents.

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This happened in March 2019, when the Justice Department Investigations into rigging college admissions found the Emmy-winning actress wanting. The inside scoop showed that numerous parents paid illegal fees to get their kids into college.

Huffman first posted a $250,000 bond, and in weeks that followed, she apologized for her actions. In May 2019, the mom-of-two pleaded guilty, and at the time, her sentence was to be around four months jail term and 12 months of supervised release.

However, she bagged a 14-day sentence, a $40,00 fine, and 250 hours of community service. Huffman served her term at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin and was released in October 2019.

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