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How Prince Charles Plans To Streamline the Royal Family After He Becomes King

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Prince Charles will reportedly slim down the royal family and streamline duties after becoming king. So, where does this leave the decades-long royal administration of Queen Elizabeth?

The Queen has celebrated her diamond jubilee on the throne of the British royal house. However, just as she celebrated her long-running reign, it is safe to say that it is gradually phasing out.

When Queen Elizabeth passes on, her son and longest-serving heir to the throne, Prince Charles, will ascend the throne. There have been some speculations on Charles’ motive for discerning royal duties and reshuffling the royals. 

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Prince Charles’ Plan On Streamlining The Monarchy

Prince Charles is said to have a rather frugal approach to governance. There have also been reports that he plans to slim down the royal family to avoid “hangers-on.” 

With this in mind, royal experts believe that citizens are likely to see fewer royal family members taking duties or being extended all-around benefits. Broadcaster Camilla Tominey outlined a few actions the Prince of Wales might carry out.

She stated that the future monarch wishes to see every royal who has been assigned a duty be up to it with no slacking. An in-depth look through this shows that the royal family has once gone under scrutiny. This was for the minor royal members who have little to no duties while living within the family’s benefits. Tominey added:

“So I think this is basically Charles’ attempt to basically look like he’s inherited his mother’s habit for being frugal; turning off light switches and being green, generally being good value for money.”

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The journalist added that the Queen’s passing would signify the end of an era that might cause a “seismic shock.” To this effect, Charles is preparing to make the transition from one monarch to another as smooth as possible. 

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Reasons For Change 

Tominey made a juxtaposition between what was obtainable during Prince Philip’s reign and what Prince Charles will likely establish. She pointed out a culture shift that might be seen. During Philip’s time, there were scores of charities and organizations he headed.

However, with younger royals like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, most initiatives that have been championed are mostly done online or through podcasts. This ultimately means fewer duties for royals. 

Tominey also brought to attention the fact that there are few working royals in the inner circle of the family. Prince Philip is no more, and Prince Harry left. Prince Andrew also had to step down from royal duties due to sexual assault allegations. 

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This meant that the already streamlined royals had too many responsibilities on their hands. The royal expert chipped in that the negative side to the narrowing might cause some drama. She talked about how there was a bit of drama during the Queen’s diamond jubilee. 

Prince Charles And Prince William Are Stepping It Up

While Charles will reportedly move to the flat above the shop in Buckingham Palace when he becomes king. Prince William and his family wish to move from Kensington Palace to Windsor Palace. The former will also open up the palace to the public. 

In the same vein, the two future most significant royals are already working together. They have taken more duties since doctors advised the Queen to reduce her royal engagements. 

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti described the father-son pair as hardworking people. However, he added that the reality of this is that the baton keeps passing on more responsibilities to the two. 

The upside is that both are earnestly preparing for their roles as monarchs. An insider also made it known that Charles and Williams have agreed to guide each other to transform the firm into a European-style administration. 

How The Queen Has Reacted To This Coming Changes

While the changes in the royal house are gradually taking effect, the Queen is said to be worried about unforeseen disasters. An insider relayed that it keeps the Queen up at night, knowing that the administration was going to experience an overhaul. She directed her worries to how royals like William still take jet flights with family.

The Queen reportedly has urged William not to take jet flights with his family. This was to allay her fears of disasters that could threaten the line of succession. 

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