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10 Most Controversial Moments on ‘The View’

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The ladies of “The View” have held the long-running show down for decades with their different opinions on societal issues. But what happens when opinions and arguments turn ugly?

The dust around Whoopi Goldberg’s recent explosive opinion on “The View” is settling, but this is not the first time the TV host has attracted scrutiny. In fact, this is not the first time any of the show’s hosts have gotten the flak for their arguments.

“The View” premiered in 1997, bringing women of different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and careers together. The aim was to dissect societal issues and sensitive topics. As the whole setup implies, the stars have had their own different opinions and controversial moments. Here’s a look through some of the dramatic times.

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The View
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Whoopi Goldberg’s Opinion on Bill Cosby 

Through the 2010s, disgraced TV star Bill Cosby got many sexual assault claims levied against him. While many tabs and critics put him under scrutiny, Whoopi Goldberg thought otherwise.

Once on an episode of “The View,” the “Sisters’ Act” actress shared that an accused person was, in fact, innocent until proven guilty. She emphasized that everyone had differing opinions from time to time, and that was her stance. She would later reconsider her statement years later.

When Star Jones Left “The View”

The show’s creator Barbara Walters was displeased in 2006 after former co-host Star Jones abruptly ended her stint on the show. Jones so left her then co-hosts in shock because there was no prior announcement. Ultimately Walters said she felt betrayed by the celebrity attorney. 

Joy Behar’s Halloween Photo

During one of the dramatic episodes, Joy Behar reenacted the trend of curly natural hair. While Behar talked, the producers presented a throwback photo of her from when she was younger.

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In the snapshot, the multi-hyphenate rocked a curly hairstyle and seemed to be in an African print dress. Actress, Raven Symone questioned Behar about the image asking if she wore tan. The star defended herself, noting that it was Halloween, and she chose to dress like an African woman. 

The argument seemed weak as Behar went under fire and raised fans’ ire on social media. The TV star later apologized for her faux pas. 

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Kelly Osbourne’s Toilet Comment

In 2015, music star Kelly Osbourne attempted to attack former President, Donald Trump about his decision to truncate immigration policies. While calling him out on the show, Osbourne said:

“If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to clean your toilet, Donald Trump.”

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This did not bode well because her co-hosts were stunned by the stereotype that jumped out as she relayed her point. Osbourne later apologized for her “poor choice of words.” 

Raven Symone’s Animal Comment 

Symone’s moment of controversy came after she guest-starred on “The View” in 2015. News anchor Rodner Figueroa had referred to former First Lady Michelle Obama as someone from the cast of “Planet of Apes.”

While this comment did not go down well with millions of people, Symone did not have a problem with it. On the contrary, the former child star defended Figueroa while insinuating that people did look like animals. 

Goldberg Defends Mel Gibson

After recordings of Mel Gibson being anti-semitic to his ex were released, this sparked controversy and debate on “The View.” While the other co-hosts were deeply against his use of language, Goldberg insisted that he was her close friend and he was not racist. 

Partial-Birth Abortion Drama

The faceoff about partial-birth abortion was between Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and it happened around the time the Supreme court was in a debate on abortion. O’Donnell shared that partial abortion only comes into play when the mother or child is at risk.

Elisabeth engaged by stating that by virtue of that pronouncement, many women will see partial-birth abortion as an avenue to say pregnancy was causing them stress and, in turn, demand an abortion. While the pair butted heads, host Barbra Walters could hardly calm them down. 

The View
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Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin

The topic of abortion was back again on “The View’s” table, and this time McCain and Sunny Hostin were the contenders. McCain and Hostin share similar pro-life ideologies, but in this case, the latter begged to differ.

Meghan stated that late-term abortion was “disgusting” and should be seen as “infanticide.” During Hostin’s rebuttal, she could hardly get any words out, as McCain continuously talked through Hostin’s response. 

The View
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Hasselbeck’s Crying Session

Hasselbeck and her fellow hosts on the show went full circle on the controversial use of the n-word. After Hasselbeck shared that it was way worse to use the word in private than in public, the argument began.

Sherri Shepherd countered the “Survivor” star, noting that she could not be prohibited from using the word. At this point, Hasselbeck felt the argument was lopsided as Shepherd could use the word, and she wasn’t allowed to. Goldberg came in at this point, explaining how significant the word was. Ultimately Hasselbeck burst into tears as the argument heated up.

Barbara Walter’s Support For Woody Allen

Disgraced movie director Woody Allen had an ally in Walters when his matter was tabled on “The View.” At the time, Allen’s adoptive daughter Duolan Farrow accused him of sexually assaulting her, to which Walters did not quite agree.

She referred to the movie maker as a sensitive father who was “loving and caring.” However, Walters did not go past this, noting that all that was true when she knew about the Hollywood executive.

It is safe to say that the stars of “The View” always have a way of coming back from arguments, screaming matches, and emotional sessions to continue giving fans premium TV content. 

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