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Pharrell Williams’s Status Through The Years Has Morphed Into Fatherhood and Here is How He’s Been Handling It

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For the past decade, Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen Lasichanh have had their hands full with parenthood, and while it’s been an adventurous and challenging ride, Pharrell would not have had it any other way!

Music icon Pharrell wears many hats, from churning out global anthems, chart-topping songs, and being an award-winning producer. In the last decade, Pharrell added fatherhood to his list of achievements, and he has confirmed that it has been a fulfilling period.

The star singer and his wife Helen Lasichanh are parents to four kids, including a set of triplets. The couple has had quite the experience raising their kids while maintaining privacy.

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Pharrell On Being A Multiple Birth Parent

The star has shown that his triplet has their little hands wrapped around his heart. In a 2018 interview, the “Happy” crooner gushed about them, making it known that he had a whole tribe at his home.

Pharrell noted that the little ones were an intelligent bunch who would harmonize while fussing. He shared that the toddlers cry in sync, among other things.

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The 13-time Grammy winner admitted to the fact it was pretty challenging raising the trio with their older brother, Rocket. He revealed that the family has 12 nannies who had time rotation for work.

He added that his and Lasichanh’s parents also come in to help from time to time. The N.E.R.D front man, who is yet to reveal his kids’ names, also talked about his daughter. The star noted that he felt apprehensive because of the need to protect her from a “crazy world.”

How The Star And His Wife Handle Parenting

Pharrell is undoubtedly in awe of his designer wife and the effort she put into being a mother. The music star marveled at how she carried four babies.

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In the same light, he praised all women, acknowledging the feat of “carrying another human for nine months.” Pharrell described his wife as “everything and the best.”

He mentioned how wonderful it felt to watch her carry all their children and give birth to them all beautiful and healthy. He described Lasichanh as “SEAL Team Six.”

The 48-year-old mentioned this while talking about moments with the triplet, such as diaper change. He shared that these moments were not easy, but he didn’t have to worry much because Lasichanh knew just how to handle it.

More on Fatherhood

Through it all, the couple makes time for each other, but they also loved being with the children. Pharrell once gushed over the kids, noting that they were all creative and that they needed to be protected.

Pharrell spoke about the now-13-year-old Rocket. He shared that the youngster showed an interest in architecture and often stayed busy with Minecraft. The proud dad was glad his son was creative.

It is safe to say that Pharrell doesn’t mind sharing the heartwarming details about his brood. However, his love for privacy does dominate, as seen with how he hasn’t shared the triplets’ names.

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