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Hugh Jackman’s Skin Cancer Battle: A Look Through His Health History and Advice For Fans

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Hollywood star Hugh Jackman recently took to his social media page where he sensitized fans on the need to use sunscreen. Jackman’s health advice comes amid his battle with skin cancer.

For some years now, Hugh Jackman has been propagating the need for fans and the general public to meet their skin health needs by making use of sunscreens. Many skincare enthusiasts would agree that Jackman does have a valid point, but he has a slightly different reason.

Jackman’s clamor for the use of sunscreen is channeled towards skin health and the protection of the skin from cancer. This comes amid his battle with skin cancer for over a decade. Here’s a look through his health struggles.

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Jackman Recently Have Updates

The “Wolverine” icon, in a recent interview on “The One Show,” explained to hosts, Gethin and Alex Jones that he recently went for a biopsy after his doctors and dermatologists noticed a growth on his nose.

The actor’s last treatment was six years ago, and he treated a basal cell carcinoma growth on his nose. He informed fans that basal cell carcinoma was one of the mildest forms of cancer.

However, the “X-men” star stressed the need to treat it still. Jackman reassured fans that there was no cause for alarm as fat as his health was concerned as that the new growth was most likely harmless.

Jackman’s Health History on Skin Cancer

Back in 2017, he appeared on “Live With Kelly,” where he opened up about yet another treatment on his nose. He wore a bandage on his nose during the interview, making it known that his skin was healing.

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The actor who was first diagnosed in 2013 recalled his childhood days. Jackman related that he was out in the sun a lot of time, and there wasn’t sensitization on the importance of sunscreen.

The award-winning actor raised awareness on the skin condition and made sure to sound a warning about the importance of sunscreen. Jackman added that he was happy that his kids’ generation was more conscious about their skins.

How Jackman is Handling His Health

From his various media uploads about skin cancer, it is safe to say that the “Greatest Showman” actor has been faring well and keeping tabs on his health.

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Jackman once mentioned that after he found out about basal cell carcinoma in 2013, he underwent treatment. The actor relayed that he followed it up with a check-up every three months.

Jackman, who referred to the skin condition as his new normal, noted that he became pretty observant about his skin. The Sydney native shared that being an Australian always in the sun as a kid, he was a “prime candidate.

Basal cell carcinoma is a skin condition that can be caused by too much exposure to UV sun rays. Signs of cell carcinoma include a pearly-white lump or a scaly red patch.

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