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Anderson Cooper Writes a New Book About the Vanderbilts and Says it’s ‘A Letter to My Son’

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Anderson Cooper has a new book in the works. The star is penning a book about his Vanderbilt family history and tagging it a letter to his little son, Wyatt. 

It is safe to say that little Wyatt Jr. will not lack when it comes to the history of his famous family. His star dad, Anderson Cooper, is making sure of this by penning a book about the Vanderbilt family.

The star made it known that he would be focusing on his family’s legacy, which included their “rise and fall.” Cooper, however, added that the historical write-up would be a letter to his young son. 

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Anderson on His New Book

The “Jeopardy!” star joined People in a recent interview where he made it known that he collaborated with historian and novelist Katerine Howe. The book is titled “Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty.” 

The literary work tells the phenomenal story of how Anderson’s ancestors, the Vanderbilts, built a financial empire and became one of the wealthiest families in the world. The book also chronicles the anti-climax of their fame, which had them losing them all. 

Before this time, the CNN icon did not pay much attention or dwell in the dynasty. However, he felt different after he had his son, Wyatt Morgan Cooper Jr. The TV personality also opened up about all he learned of love and loss from his family.

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The 54-year-old noted that he also got to read a book about his father’s family history because the senior Cooper also penned a book. This prompted Anderson to put in work on writing about the Vanderbilts.

The “The Mole” star started researching his book back in 2019 after his mom passed on. The new book will be released on September 21 and will be available for book lovers. 

Inside the Vanderbilt-Cooper Family

Anderson is known on TV for his expertise in conveying information through the world. And he earned his A-list status through years of hard work. However, his humble beginnings saw him grow in a well-to-do family. 

The “60mMinutes” star is the second son of the late writer Wyatt Emory Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt. Besides being a famous rail-road heiress, Vanderbilt was a successful model and designer. 

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She also had a keen interest in creative arts and was known for her prowess in the craft. Anderson and his brother Carter pretty much grew up in the public eye because of the influence his family pulled. 

The family first experienced tragedy after his dad passed away. At the time, Anderson was ten years old. The family would later witness another painful loss after Carter jumped to his death at their mom’s luxury Manhattan home. 

Anderson and his mom became closer than ever after this, and it was so until her demise. Now, the Emmy-winning broadcaster wishes to keep the treasured memories in a book for his boy. 

Inside Anderson’s Life as a Dad 

The “New Year’s Eve Live” star welcomed his son, Wyatt Jr., last year in April, and since then, he has been reveling in the joy of being a dad. Anderson shares his toddler with his former partner, Benjamin Maisani.

He made it known that he named the toddler after his father while the middle name, Morgan, was a family name that his parents liked. Last April, Anderson celebrated Wyatt Jr.’s first birthday.

The delighted father took to his Instagram page, where he penned a sweet tribute to the little one. He shared an adorable image of his mini-me, who peered right into the camera showing his crystal blue eyes and infectious smile. 

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