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Nene And Gregg Leakes: The Story of An Iconic Reality TV Couple

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TV stars Nene and Gregg Leakes were married for over two decades before Gregg’s demise a few weeks ago. Through the years of their TV fame, the couple thrived as a power duo.

RHOA fans were thrown into a mournful mood after news that the TV personality Gregg Leakes passed on. Gregg was known for being Nene Leakes’ long-time husband and her fellow Atlanta celebrity.

The pair got married back in the 1990s and stayed with each other through the ups and downs. Gregg and Nene were a couple before becoming part of TV, but the rest of their married life played out right before fans. Here’s a look through their marital life.

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Nene and Gregg Got Married in 1996

Back in the 90s, Nene worked as a dancer at an Atlanta club, and on one of those fateful nights, Gregg came along and met her. They became acquainted and started dating in no time.

At the time, Nene had a son, Bryson, from a previous relationship, while Gregg was dad to five children of a prior relationship. He and the “Glee” star got married in 1996 and joined their blended family.

During their marriage, she and Gregg welcomed a son, Brentt Leakes. Pre-fame, Gregg was the major earner in the family, working as a real estate investor and consultant. 

The Couple Joins RHOA

By 2008, the Leakes became cast members of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and their personal life aired for 12 years on the show. Despite putting up a blissful outlook on the internet, Nene and Gregg had a rocky relationship.

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In 2010, the TV personalities were headed to the divorce court. At the time, Nene shared that Gregg became impossible to deal with. Gregg, on his own, noted that she let the fame get to her. 

The divorce did not last, as the pair would later renew their vows in 2013. Nene and Gregg continued to stay by each other and put up a united front on RHOA.

Many times, fans witnessed the couple support each other against the arising issues on the long-spanning show. There have been many hilarious moments the ever-comical Nene and Gregg made fans laugh at their anecdotes.

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Gregg Passes On

In 2018k, Gregg was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer, and as always, he and Nene never left each other’s sides. The “Celebrity Apprentice” star stood by her husband through his treatment and time of remission.

Gregg was free of cancer until it aggressively returned in 2020. Since then, he and his wife have kept pulling efforts to sustain his health. Nene also ended her stint on RHOA in 2020. 

A few weeks ago, an insider for the family announced that Gregg passed on. In weeks leading up to the time of his death, Nene posted cryptic messages on social media hunting that her husband’s health deteriorated. 

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