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Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Almost Went on a Blind Date: Inside Their Long Spanning Friendship

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Media personalities Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have been friends for over 20 years. This came to be after their fated meet-up, which was supposed to be a blind date.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have many things in common, and this includes being A-list TV hosts and parents. The pair have been friends for over two decades and keep going on strong.

Cohen and Cooper’s friendship was meant to be a romantic encounter according to how the mutual friend set it up. However, the pair found compatibility in another path.

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Cohen Meets Cooper

This was in the ’90s, during the early part of their career in New York. At the time, Cooper was a newbie at ABC, while Cohen was also starting his TV career at CBS.

Their mutual friend saw that they were in the same line of work and thought it would be great to introduce them. The friend set up a blind date which did not turn out as they envisioned.

Once speaking on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” during a double interview, Cooper recalled how Cohen put him off by mentioning his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt.

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This ticked Cooper off further because he disliked being asked about his wealthy background. Cohen, on the other hand, was excited that he would be dating a “Vanderbilt boy.”

They eventually did not come around becoming romantically involved and instead fostered a friendship that would come to mean so much to them. They have also been great partners business-wise.

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Was There Ever Romance?

Over the years, Cohen and Cooper have been subject of fans’ scrutiny because many wanted to know if they were a couple or were ever married. The answer remains no because Cooper and Cohen only strengthened their friendship through the years.

The duo has gotten more supportive of each other, and they also go on the AC2 tours named after their initials. Once speaking about Cooper, Cohen described him as a great loyal friend.

The pair’s friendship got sweeter in 2019 and 2020 after they welcomed their children. Cooper and Cohen welcomed sons Ben and Wyatt, and the lovely additions further strengthened their bond.

It seems that Cohen and Cooper might just be looking to continue the legacy of their friendship through their boys. Cohen once mentioned that when he and Cooper were visiting each other, the boys also enjoyed sweet moments.

Sweet Moments of Friendship

In more than two decades, Cohen and Cooper have experienced bitter-sweet moments, and they stood by each other. Such was the case in 2019 when Cooper’s mom passed on.

Cohen was there for him and also shared a heartfelt tribute on social media. Cooper returned the favor the following year, making sure to stay supportive when Cohen was diagnosed with COVID-19.

In happier times, the friends enjoy bonding moments with each other’s sons. On social media, fans get to see them bask in fun-filled times. With their sons in the picture, Cohen and Cooper only hope the boys would be best of friends!

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