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Nicki Minaj Has Had Her Hands Full Since Welcoming Her Baby: Inside Her Motherhood Journey So Far

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Rap icon Nicki Minaj has been reveling in the joys of motherhood since welcoming her “papa bear.” The star has also confirmed that she would not trade any moment of her new status as a mommy.

Nicki Minaj has been a lot of things, from award-winning rap icon to R&B crooner and actress. However, these days the superstar finds herself being a mommy to an adorable lookalike son.

It should come as little surprise that after years in the spotlight, the star found the perfect time to transition into motherhood. This is because she had always been vocal about wanting to have a family of her own.

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Nicki Makes A Wish

Back in 2014, the “Roman’s Revenge” rapper joined TV host Ellen Degeneres on her daytime talk show, where she opened up about her future wishes.

DeGeneres brought up one of Nicki’s interviews where she had insinuated that she would love to make an estimate of $500 million before starting a family. At this, the music star burst into laughter, noting that it was just for bants.

Nicki insisted that with or without making $500 million, she would have a family. The star also voiced her wish for a “cute little fat baby.” When Ellen suggested that the baby might not be fat, Nicki replied, “Then I don’t want it.”

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An Expectant Mama

Nicki hit the Barbz with a pleasant surprise last year in July when she posted a series of photos. The star’s maternity shot had her displaying her “bun in the oven” in the most stylish way.

The “Starships” singer’s photoshoot with famed photographer David LaChapelle had her channeling a goddess-like look. The music star shrouded her upper body and legs in white linens while a translucent cloth covered her hair.

The setting was a little bush with a vibrantly colored frame behind her. Nicki cradled her rounded baby bump in her arms while presenting a piercing gaze. In another of her pregnancy announcements, the star opted for a two-piece swimsuit look. She captioned:

“Love. Marriage. Baby carriage. Overflowing with excitement and gratitude. Thank you all for the well-wishes.

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The top part of her outfit was an inspiring piece designed intricately with shiny ornaments. The star’s ever-colorful signature look included yellow wavy tresses and a pair of studded high platform heels.

image: Instagram/nickiminaj

Papa Bear Makes His Grand Entrance

Just before the end of September 2020, Nicki Minaj ushered in her new status as a mother. Although there were no official statements, close sources relayed that the mom-of-one welcomed her baby in Los Angeles.

The baby made Nick have her husband, Kenneth Petty, first-time parents. A few weeks later, the excited mother informed fans on Instagram that she was over the moon about her “favorite liddo boy in the whole wide world.”

Through the post, fans got to know her baby’s gender. However, the A-list rapper did not share photos or the baby’s moniker. The star also displayed greeting cards and gifts from celebrities like Beyoncé , Kim Kardashian, and Karol G.

How Nicki is Handling Motherhood

It is safe to say that Nicki’s joy knows no bounds, but she is taking it each day at a time. During a Twitter Q&A with “the Barbz,” Nicki revealed the long hours of her labor.

The “Queen of Rap” recalled how her water broke at home, and she had to endure over 21 hours of labor before she could push her baby out. When asked if it was through natural birth, the star answered in the affirmative.

Four months after she gave birth, the 38-year-old put up another heartwarming surprise. She shared the first photos of her baby, showing him flaunting lovely looks designer wears.

In her caption, Nicki confirmed how motherhood has been, making it known that it was the “most fulfilling’ job she had very taken on. The star also sent shoutouts to all mothers, calling them superheroes.”

Now that Nicki Minaj has gotten her wish for a “cute little fat baby,” it is safe to say that she could only reach for greater heights through juggling her career and basking in the joy of motherhood.

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