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A Glimpse into Mel Gibson’s Personal Life Including His Nine Kids and Their Mothers

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Mel Gibson’s passion for the arts is incomparable even in the face of endless controversies. More than his career, the actor has a keen likeness for large families.

With a successful career that has spanned over four decades, one may be tempted to think Mel Gibson’s personal life was non-existent. This is especially true when his controversial escapades in the last four decades are considered.

Whether it’s making the most passionate movie of the century, getting nose-deep in anti-Semitic and racial scandals, or crawling his way out of Hollywood’s blacklist, Mel has certainly had his hands full throughout his career.

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Hence, it comes as a surprise that the controversial actor, despite his busy profession, has kept a busier personal life. Unlike his mostly lonely, freedom-fighting onscreen characters, the 65-year-old has dated a slew of women, survived a 26-year long marriage, and is a sulker for large families.

Notably, Mel Gibson has nine children from his romantic escapades, including a son with current partner Rosalind Ross. Sit tight as we introduce you to each of the Hollywood legend’s kids and the women responsible for bringing them into the world.

A Glimpse Into Gibson’s Life

Mel Gibson was born to parents Hutton Gibson and Anne Patricia in 1956, in the Peekskill town of New York City. During his childhood, the family, comprising eleven kids and their parents moved to Australia, where he completed his High School education and embraced a career in the movie industry.

At the onset of his career, Mel Gibson met dental nurse Robyn Denis Moore, who eventually became his wife. The duo tied the knot in June 1980 and welcomed seven kids together, including a daughter and seven sons. 

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Mel and Moore separated in 2006, with the later filing for divorce five years later, citing irreconcilable differences. They finalized the procedure in 2011.

Aside from his kids with Moore, the director has a daughter, Lucia with Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva whom he began dating in 2007. Their relationship ended in 2010, following allegations of domestic violence, which earned Mel three years probation despite pleading no contest to the claims.

He also has a son, Lars Gerard, with award-winning equestrienne Rosalind Ross, 35 years his junior. The duo has been together since 2014.

Meet Mel Gibson’s Kids

1. Hannah Gibson

Hannah Gibson is Mel’s first child with Moore. She landed the planet in 1980 and grew up to become a part-time actress, embracing the entertainment industry like her parents. Some of her movie appearances include “The Patriot” and “What Women Want.”

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In September 2006, Hannah married country singer Kenny Wayne Shepherd. The duo shares three kids and is going strong to date.

2. Christian Gibson

Christian Gibson is one-half of Mel’s twin sons whom he welcomed with his ex-wife on June 2, 1982. Like his father, the 39-year-old pursued a career in showbiz but prefers working behind the scenes.

He has served as a camera operator in movies like “The Equalizer 2,” “Bird Box,” “Hacksaw Ridge,” and “Daddy’s Home 2,” among others. The cameraman has an active Instagram account, where he displays some of his works.

3. Edward Gibson

Christian’s twin brother Edward Gibson is less active online, having no known social media account. Deviating from the family’s interest in entertainment, the 39-year-old opted to make a living designing furniture.

He owns the company, Natural Edge, which is based in Los Angeles and focuses on the design and distribution of customized furniture pieces from imported slab wood.

4. William Gibson

Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore’s third son William “Willie” Gibson joined the family in 1985. He remains the most private of the legendary actor’s adult kids, keeping his life out of the spotlight.

5. Louie Gibson

Mel and his ex-wife welcomed their fifth child Louis Gibson in 1988. The handsome chap grew up to become a Los Angeles-Based screenwriter, movie director, and producer.

The 33-year-old attended Chapman University in Australia, where he obtained a BFA in film production. He made his directional debut in the 2016 horror flick “Happy Hunting,” and has since produced and directed some exceptional films.

Louie is married to actress Annet Mahendru, famous for her roles on “The X-Files, Prodigal Son,” and “The Following.”

6. Milo Gibson

Milo Gibson landed the planet on November 16, 1990, and has done well for himself in the movie industry. Notably the most famous of Mel’s kids, Milo is a Hollywood actor with credits in “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Breaking & Exiting,” “Gangster Land,” and “All The Devil’s Men,” among others.

Interestingly, before his foray into the movie industry, Milo worked as an electrician as he was determined not to embrace a career path just because it ran in the family. However, he decided to give acting a try to avoid regrets, and soon discovered he had a flair for it.

7. Thomas Gibson

The youngest of Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore’s kids, Thomas Gibson was born in 1998. When he was ten, he was forced to endure his parent’s split and the subsequent separation of his big family.

The 23-year-old grew up with his mother in Malibu and has maintained a relatively low profile.

8. Lucia Gibson

After welcoming six sons consecutively, Mel Gibson finally witnessed the birth of another daughter, giving Hannah and the guys a sister.

The now-11-year-old girl, Lucia Gibson, arrived in 2009, following the legendary actor’s separation from his ex-wife. Her birth raised brows at the time, as the icon was still married to the mother of his seven older kids.

Moore filed for divorce after learning of the pregnancy, but the child arrived before it was finalized.  Gibson shares Lucia with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, who moved in with him soon after their relationship kicked off.

Although Grigorieva filed a restraining order against Mel to keep him away from her and Lucia following their domestic violence scandal, it seems they are now at peace. The “Braveheart” star made a rare appearance with his daughter in January 2021, as the duo bonded over a shopping spree.

9. Lars Gerard

In 2016, the Icon Productions founder became a father for the ninth time when he welcomed son Lars Gerard with girlfriend Rosalind Ross.

Mel Gibson and his partner seem to be going strong, as they raise their young son together in their Malibu Mansion.

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