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8 Tips for Looking Trendy and Expensive on a Budget

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Contrary to common beliefs, looking trendy and expensive does not require breaking the bank, as some of the best looks can be achieved on a budget.

Studies have shown that it takes an average of 27 seconds to make a first impression on people. And a huge part of that impression is informed by physical appearances and fashion sense. Hence, the need to always make a statement with your outfit.

It doesn’t matter if you shop at Vera Wang’s or the local flea market, with the right combination, anyone could look straight out of a fashion magazine. Here’s how to achieve that refined Prada poise, and look trendy even while on a budget.

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1. Go Monochrome

A not-so-secret in the fashion world is that one can never go wrong in an all-black look. Think “little black dress.”

Just like the all-black ensemble, any monochromatic combination also does the magic of making one look sophisticated.

Opting for monochromatic outfits has the effect of elongating the body, making one appear narrower, and more classy. So rather than experimenting with a mix of colors, just keep it safe in a single hue and watch your appearance go from bland to stylish without switching out the wardrobe.

2. Steam/Iron Your Outfits

Wearing crease-free pieces has a way of elevating one’s appearance irrespective of the prize, quality, or design of the outfit. Hence, it is important to steam your outfit or iron them before trying them on, no matter how much of a hurry you might be in.

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That’s the secret to the corporate man’s ever-refined and polished look despite knowing nothing about fashion.

3. Pick Structured Bags Over The Slouchy Ones

When it comes to a preferred bag, there are just so many to choose from in the market. From slouchy totes to clutches. Deciding which goes well with a select outfit could be a dilemma.

However, if the goal is to appear posh and expensive, then structured pieces outweigh slouchy ones. The logic behind this is simple. While slouchy bags have more variety and designs, it has a certain teenage-vibe to it. Unlike the structured bags, which add a well-defined finish to a well-assembled look, giving you an overall chic appearance.

This is especially true for men, who look more trendy carrying a briefcase compared to a messenger bag.

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4. Wear The Right Lip Color

Use the right lip color | Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

The right lipstick shade could be the difference between looking sophisticated and looking slutty after donning a perfect outfit. To be safe, opt for lipstick shades having a colored tint. This makes a woman appear stylish and expensive.

The red lipstick is the best bet as it has a classy ring to it, provided you find a shade that goes well with your skin tone.

5. Go Vintage

Go vintage| Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Gone are the days when one needed to break the bank to look good. With flea markets and thrift stores taking over larger cities, anyone can have access to high-quality clothing for only a stipend.

Needless to say, it takes more than walking into one second-hand store to find the right fit. Sometimes, you may have to endure the chaotic ordeal of searching through piles of cloth. But the result is almost always worth it. Who knows, you just might find a timeless piece from a high-end brand.

Another advantage of going vintage is that your style would always look timeless, hence avoiding a cliché. No one likes wearing a piece and discovering three other people rocking the same outfit halfway down the street. Additionally, it is a sure way of avoiding looking like a walking billboard. Winks.

6. Fit Is Non-Negotiable

A clothing piece either fits or doesn’t fit. There is no midpoint or room for compromise. When trying to figure out how to look trendy on a budget, it is important to have the right fit in mind before purchasing any item.

And if a piece does not fit, a brief visit to an alteration tailor could do the magic. Just don’t settle even if it is only a slight glitch, to avoid looking like you are clad in hand-me-downs. That’s the polar opposite of expensive.

7. Accessorize The Right Way

Another way to look trendy on a budget is by accessorizing your outfit. A piece of clothing can go from ordinary to classy with the right accessories.

As a rule of thumb, always remember to keep the accessories coordinated to ensure they rightly perform the job of accentuating an ensemble. Gold Jewelry, structured bags, pointy shoes are trusted ways of achieving a classy look no matter your budget.

Additionally, keeping the hardware in sync is a good way to give a dressing a refined finish. In essence, the zippers, buttons, glass rims, and any other metal inculcated in the dressing should be of the same shade.

8. Keep The Nails Polished

Keep the nails polished | image: Unsplash

Nothing looks cheaper than chipped nail polish. Therefore, to appear classy and expensive, avoid crooked, dirty, or chipped nails. Keeping the fingernails neatly manicured is key.

Rather than settle for nails with parts of the polish already peeling off, or uneven, going neutral, or without polish is a more effective option. Also, for a classic look, keep the nails trim or medium-sized with pastel colors, as against the overly long nails with loud hues which scream “slutty.”

Additional Tips

1. Do Away With Dated Pieces

Get rid of old clothes| Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

It is normal to form a sentimental attachment to items in your wardrobe. But when these items become faded or outdated, the only place they should be in is the trash, or the attic if we’re being more lenient.

So no matter how attached you are to your grandma’s dawn jacket, inherited twenty years back, letting it go might be the turnaround your wardrobe needs. In cases where you can’t bear to let it go, putting them in the goodwill or recycle boxes might be easier to deal with.

The bottom line is even the most expensive Chanel piece looks cheap once it’s outlived its time.

2. Smell The Part

Smell the part | Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

After looking all bang, classy and expensive, it is important to smell the part. Of course, being on a budget may be a hindrance to purchasing high-end perfumes, but that is no excuse to smell cheap.

A way around this for the ladies is to opt for jasmine or vanilla sprays. These fragrances are natural head-turners irrespective of the brand. Any other fruity fragrance could do the trick. Just be sure to stick to berries though as they are safe options if you are working on a budget.

With these invaluable tips for looking trendy and expensive, you can never go wrong even on a tight budget.

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