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Meet Brock Lesnar’s Daughter: She’s a Sports Star Like Him

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Brock Lesnar’s daughter is none other than Mya Lynn Lesnar. 

Brock was born on July 12, 1977, and is an American-Canadian professional wrestler and retired mixed martial artist. He has been in the spotlight for decades. Many remember his stints in WWE, NJPW, and even the UFC.

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Brock Lesnar
Brock in the ring (Source: Pinterest)

Brock has so much talent and skill; he remains the only person in recorded history to have won a Championship in both the UFC and WWE. He is still famous now but not just because of his career. He is a proud dad with a daughter who inherited his sporting affinity. 

Who Is Brock Lesnar’s Daughter, Mya Lynn Lesnar? 

Mya Lynn Lesnar is Brock Lesnar’s daughter, and she is also an athlete. According to reports, Mya was born on April 10, 2002. She is an Albino who is proud of her skin and is almost a replica of her talented father when it comes to looks.

Mya Lesnar
Mya Lesnar (Source: Pinterest)

Mya loves sports and is very active as an athlete. She turned a lot of heads after she was recruited by Sun Devil Track and Field. The talented young adult is now known as one of the country’s top shot-putters and has been crowned the Minnesota State Champion. 

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Aside from shot-put, Mya also enjoys discus and volleyball. Both are sports she has actively competed in and is proficient with. Which begs the question, what can Mya not do? 

In recognition of her athletic prowess, the young enigma was added to the Arizona State University sports program even though she was still in high school. Not a courtesy even celebrity kids like her are easily afforded. 

Brock Lesnar’s Daughter Has a Fitness Model Mom

Brock Lesnar is notorious for many reasons. He is a wrestling giant with many wins under his belt, and he is also very secretive about his personal life. Despite his fame as a wrestler, people barely knew what went on in Brock’s private life, and he never tried to share. At least not voluntarily. 

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However, with fans as determined as his, it was not long before the little crumbs he left were traced back to some details about his past life — for example, his daughter’s mother. Mya’s mother is Nicole McClain, a fitness model/writer. She is famous in Hollywood for being in TV shows and magazines. 

Brock and McClain were happy together and engaged, but then life happened, and they grew apart. Eventually, what they had fizzled out in the mid-2000s, and they went their separate ways after calling off their engagement.

How Many Kids Does Brock Lesnar Have? 

Brock Lesnar has four kids, but Mya is his only daughter. The WWE legend and Nicole McClain welcomed two kids, twins, while they were dating — one girl and one boy. 

The girl is Mya Lynn Lesnar, and the boy is her brother Luke Lesnar. He has also chosen to follow his father’s path, like his sister. He reportedly has a lot of passion for professional wrestling and is interested in being a dominant wrestler like Brock. 

Many have wondered if he will ever share a stage with his father, and while it has not yet happened, fans think it eventually will. Aside from Mya and Luke, Brock is also the father to two other boys named Turk and Duke. They are a product of the WWE champion’s relationship with a former wrestler called Sable. 

Who Is Brock Lesnar’s Wife, Sable? 

Sable is a former WWE superstar who was active in the Attitude Era. She was also very popular back in her WWE days. 

Sable was famously known back then for her on-screen relationship with Vince McMahon and her constant feuds with Stephanie McMahon. She won the WWF Championship once and retired in 2004 to focus on her family. 

Brock Lesnar with his wife Sable
Brock Lesnar with his wife Sable (Source: Pinterest)

Brock and Sable tied the knot in 2006 and have lived happily ever after. The pair live with their kids on a farm in Maryfield, Saskatchewan.

Brock Lesnar remains active even today and has shown no signs of retiring unless he has to. If and when he does, his legacy and the lives it has touched will live on. Two examples of people his legacy has touched are his older children.

Mya continues to make a name for herself in sports, and her brother is gearing up to become as good a fighter as his father is. Aside from Brock, there are only a few other fighters whose kids are interested in following their path. Another excellent example of a wrestler with such a kid is Triple H, and his daughter is already a WWE star in the making.

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