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Meet Ellen Heidingsfelder: She Is More Than a Celebrity Wife

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Being a celebrity wife comes with its perks and downside. Ellen Heidingsfelder might be known as a celebrity wife, but she is more than that.

Ellen Heidingsfelder completed her legal studies at Loyola University and the University of Virginia law schools. With a passion for law, she pursued a career in law and currently works as an attorney in the United States of America. While primarily known as a celebrity wife, Ellen is a successful legal practitioner.

She has achieved significant milestones in her profession but has not publicly disclosed the current pinnacle of her career. Besides her celebrity wife and lawyer status, Ellen is so much more. She is a strong and courageous mother who knows how to hold down her own.

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Ellen and her husband (Source: Pinterest)

Meet Ellen Heidingsfelder and Her Husband

Ellen Heidingsfelder was born on December 20, 1968, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, to Charles Heidingsfelder and Dot Heidingsfelder. Ellen belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. She is married to Cooper Manning, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on March 6, 1974. Cooper is famous as a television personality and entrepreneur.

Cooper Manning comes from a family deeply involved in football, with his father, Archie Manning, being a former professional quarterback. His brothers, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning had successful careers as experienced quarterbacks. Ellen and Cooper have been married for over two decades, and she has consistently stood by her husband’s side through thick and thin, supporting him in all aspects of life.

Ellen Heidingsfelder’s Love for Her Husband Was Tested

Before Ellen married Cooper, she had requested him to take her to his doctor. This was because she had noticed her husband experiencing significant pain several times, but he had tried to be strong and act as if everything was okay.

He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a rare condition where the spine is narrowed and nerves are pinched. Despite the challenges, Ellen stood by Cooper even when he had to end his football career as directed by the doctors.

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Ellen smiling beautifully (Source: Pinterest)

A few years after Ellen’s marriage to Copper, someone asked her if she would have still married Cooper if she knew he would face a permanent disability when he got to his 40s. Ellen responded that she would still say I do, regardless of his condition.

Over the years, the duo has built a lovely marriage and family together. Ellen loves being a mother. She has three children with Copper, Arch, born in 2004, May, born in 2002 and Heid Manning, born in 2006.

Arch Manning Took After Ellen Heidingsfelder’s Resilience and Courage

Arch Manning, following in the footsteps of his football-star family members, including his uncles Cooper and Peyton, has gained recognition for his exceptional talent while playing for Isidore Newman High School in New Orleans. The announcement of Arch Manning’s commitment to football has brought immense joy and excitement to his family, friends, and NFL fans alike.

In a heartwarming Twitter post, Uncle Eli Manning shared a family photo featuring Arch’s granddad and dad, Peyton, Arch, and his sister Heid. In the caption, Eli expressed his delight in spending time with the boys.

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Ellen Heidingsfelder (Source: Instagram/@coppermanning)

Arch’s high school coach, Nelson Stewart, admires the young athlete’s decision, emphasizing that he committed independently. Stewart acknowledged the weight of expectations that rested on Arch’s shoulders but praised his maturity and the time he took to make the decision.

The coach also highlighted the importance of recognizing that the choice ultimately belonged to Arch, given his age 18. In making this significant decision, Arch demonstrated courage and determination, qualities he likely inherited from his mother, who has pursued her passions with similar resolve.

Ellen Also Had a Thing for Sports

Although she is pursuing a law career today, Ellen was once actively involved in volleyball. She participated in and showcased her skills on the volleyball court during high school. In the 1986 state volleyball championship match of New Orleans Sacred Heart, she stood out as the Most Valuable Player (MVP), leaving a remarkable impact with her exceptional performance.

Her oldest child May took after her in this light as she played volleyball at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. She is, however, currently studying at the University of Virginia.

Ellen Heidingsfelder (Source: Instagram@coppermanning)

Ellen Heidingsfelder Has Experienced Losses

One would think Ellen’s life is just a bed of roses, but it hasn’t been. Ellen lost her mother in 2020 to COVID-19. She also lost her only brother Charles E Heidingsfelder, Jr, who died at 6. 

Ellen Heidingsfelder isn’t the only celebrity wife who has been a great support system for her husband. Bunnie XO has shown her husband love, strength, and commitment like no other.

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