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Meet Vaughn Evelyn Levesque: Triple H’s Daughter Is a WWE Star in the Making

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Triple H wanted his kids to live away from the public eye, but his daughter Vaughn Evelyn Levesque has shown an affinity for the spotlight.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque is the last child of WWE power couple Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Vaughn’s parents met back in 1999 while working as wrestlers for WWE. Their on-screen romance turned into a real-life love story.

Triple H and Stephanie have faced controversies and accusations of using their power to benefit themselves and their allies in WWE. They’ve also had their fair share of feuds and rivalries with other wrestlers.

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Despite the challenges, they’ve remained devoted to each other. They’ve supported each other through thick and thin, from injuries to losses. They’ve even teamed up on projects to make WWE a better organization and positively impact society.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque and her family on Father’s Day (Source: [email protected])

The couple tied the knot in 2003 amid rumors that their marriage was not based on love but for business reasons. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been going strong for almost two decades and have three children together, including Vaughn.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque Is From a Lineage of Wrestlers

Born on August 24, 2010, in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA, Vaughn is an American citizen with a mixed ethnic background. Growing up, she was surrounded by wrestling as her maternal grandfather, Vince McMahon is a former wrestler, media proprietor, and WWE executive. Also, her uncle, Shane McMahon, is a professional wrestler.

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Meet Vaughn Evelyn Levesque’s Older Siblings

Vaughn came into this world with Aurora Rose and Murphy Claire Levesque being her older sisters. Aurora Rose was born on July 24, 2006, while Murphy Claire was born on July 28, 2008. Both sisters attend a private school in Connecticut and share their family’s passion for wrestling. They have even been training with their parents and have expressed interest in someday becoming wrestlers.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, her mum, and sister supporting their dad during a match at WWE (Source: [email protected]_McMahon_Army)

Aurora Rose and Murphy Claire have also appeared on some of the organization’s shows and events as part of their family’s involvement in WWE. Despite the age difference, they share a close bond with their younger sister, Vaughn, and enjoy spending time with her.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque: WWE Superstar in the Making

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque has inherited her parents’ love for wrestling. Stephanie revealed they’d had mock matches at home and is happy with her daughter’s love for wrestling.

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With her wrestling lineage and interest in the sport, many do not doubt that Vaughn could be the next WWE superstar in the making. It’s expected, as Vaughn already has a solid connection to the wrestling world and has been surrounded by it her whole life.

Stephanie encourages her daughters to explore all opportunities and to work hard, so only time will tell if Vaughn chooses to follow in her parent’s footsteps and pursue a career in wrestling. But one thing is for sure, the Levesque family’s legacy in the wrestling world will likely continue for generations.

Meet Vaughn’s Parents

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are a power couple in professional wrestling. Stephanie was born in 1976 and is a fourth-generation wrestling promoter. She began working for WWE at 13. Triple H, whose real name is Paul Levesque, started his wrestling career in 1992 and is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever.

Vaughn Evelyn Levesque’s dad at a wrestling match (Source: [email protected])

Stephanie and Triple H’s careers have been intertwined since 1999. They first appeared on-screen together in 1999 and married on-screen and in real life. Together, they formed The Authority, making shady decrees and claiming to be concerned only with the “best for business.” Stephanie has held various executive roles outside the ring. 

Despite their busy careers, Stephanie and Triple H have managed to maintain a strong relationship and often post about their family life on social media.

Vaughn’s Father Retired From Wrestling After a Heart Failure

After contracting viral pneumonia in late 2021, Triple H was diagnosed with fluid around his heart and lungs. In September of that year, he underwent surgery. Doctors discovered that his heart was functioning at only 12 percent, significantly lower than the 55 to 60 percent it should have been. 

In an interview with Stephen A. Smith in March 2022, he explained that he was “sort of at the one-yard line of where you need to be — or where you don’t want to be, really, for your family and your future.” Due to his health scare, Triple H announced his retirement from wrestling on ESPN’s First Take in March 2022, stating that he would never wrestle again due to having a defibrillator in his chest. 

Stephine McMahon and her daughter Vaughn Evelyn Levesque (Source: [email protected])

His wife, Stephanie McMahon, took a leave of absence from her corporate responsibilities at WWE in May 2022 to focus on her family and support her husband’s recovery. In January 2023, she announced her retirement from the wrestling company in all capacity. However, Triple H remained in WWE as its chief content creator (COO).

If Vaughn does not wrestle like her parents, she can occupy an executive role as they did. Another celebrity kid who is eager to follow in her parent’s footsteps is Eddie Murphy’s daughter. Bria Murphy has proven herself a talented entertainer like her father.

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