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Who Is Violet Krasinski? What We Know About Her

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Violet Krasinski is one of Hollywood’s finest celebrity kids. She was born in June 2016 to Hollywood celebrities Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. John took to Twitter to announce her birth. In a now-deleted tweet, he posted a picture of the adorable girl two weeks after her birth. 

Curious about what she’s been up to since she came into the world? Here’s what we know about the youngest daughter of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

Who Is Violet Krasinski’s Father?

Violet Krasinski’s father is John Krasinski. He is a famous American celebrity and a notable actor in Hollywood. He is renowned for his stellar performance in blockbusters such as “A Quiet Place” and “Jack Ryan.” His outstanding performance in “A Quiet Place” brought him a lot of fame and attention.

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In addition, he is renowned for portraying Jim Halpert in the popular NBC TV show, “The Office.” Aside from her famous father’s name, not much is known about Violet Krasinski herself.

A picture of Violet Krasinski's parents
A lovely picture of Violet Krasinski’s parents, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. (Source: Instagram @emilybluntofficial)

Who Is Violet Krasinski’s Mother?

Violet Krasinski’s mother is none other than the on-screen goddess, Emily Blunt, who has stolen the hearts of fans worldwide. She is an award-winning and multi-talented British actress with a Golden Globe Award.

A picture of Violet Krasinski's mom, Emily Blunt.
A beautiful picture of Violet Krasinski’s mom, Emily Blunt. (Source: Instagram @emilybluntoffficial)

Furthermore, Blunt appeared alongside her husband in “A Quiet Place.” She has been in a series of films that have made her famous worldwide, but fans don’t know she is Violet Krasinski’s mother because they do not share the same last name. 

Does Violet Krasinski Have a Social Media Account?

Some celebrity kids, like North West, are TikTok sensations and have a solid social media presence. But the case is different with Violet. The adorable superstar does not have a social media presence.

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Violet Krasinski does not have an account on any social media platform, making people question whether her parents hide her from the media. She is in her formative years, so her parents shield her from the limelight.

Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, and their daughters (Source: Pinterest)

Is Violet Krasinski the Only Child?

Violet Krasinski is not the only child of Blunt and John; Hazel Krasinski is the couple’s eldest daughter. Hazel was born in 2014, four years after the actress and actor married. Hazel has been a perfect sister to Violet; like her sister, little is known about Hazel’s personal life. 

Has Violet Krasinski Been in Any Movie?

Violet Krasinski has not been in any film. However, her older sister, Hazel, had a little cameo in “A Quiet Place.” Her picture was used in the movie.

The fact that Violet has not had any movie roles or cameos does not cross out the possibility of her appearing in future movies. John and Blunt have opened up about letting their daughters choose their career paths. So, there’s a chance that Violet might follow in her parent’s footsteps.

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Does Violet Krasinski Know Her Parents Are Celebrities?

Often celebrities are comfortable with their kids being in the headlines, not minding that it might come at a cost. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are the few celebrities who subscribe to a different script.

In an interview in 2018, Blunt opened up about her relationship with her daughters and how she intentionally raised them to be empathetic. Furthermore, she added that her daughters do not know about her and her husband’s celebrity status.

Blunt said it would be equally crucial if her daughters stayed oblivious to her and John’s world-famous celebrity status in Hollywood. The celebrity couple is shielding their girls from the spotlight, and we love them for it!

What Is Violet Krasinski’s Net Worth?

Like most little girls who are celebrity kids, Violet Krasinski does not yet have a net worth or a principal source of income. Her primary support comes from her parents. Consequently, Violet’s net worth is unknown. However, her celebrity parents have over $80 million combined net worth.

Violet still has years before she starts earning and making a name for herself. But whatever the future holds for the little girl, Blunt and John will be there to guide and support her.

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