Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Lindsey Graham Says Biden “Has Screwed the World Up Every Way You Can!”

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Lindsey Graham Says Biden “Has Screwed the World Up Every Way You Can!
Source: PBS NewsHour/YouTube

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has criticized President Biden’s administration, saying it’s causing serious problems worldwide. He accused the president, saying that he “has screwed the world up every way you can.” His comments are coming at a time when tensions are rising both locally and internationally.

During an appearance on NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Graham claimed that President Biden’s policies had led to what he perceives as “broken borders.” He also claimed that “the world’s on fire.” 

Moderator Kristen Welker also brought up Biden’s recent statement expressing regret for using the term “an illegal” to describe Jose Antonio Ibarra. For context, Ibarra is a Venezuelan charged with the murder of Laken Riley. When the subject was raised, Graham interrupted by saying the reversal “really pisses me off.”

Senator Graham has sometimes praised Biden, especially for his work on foreign policy, such as improving relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Despite supporting former President Donald Trump, Graham is willing to cross party lines on certain issues.

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Furthermore, Kristen Welker brought up a quote from Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. The quote read, “Let’s just not even exist as a Senate then if we have to ask permission from Donald Trump for everything we do.” However, Graham disagreed with the idea that former President Trump dictated everything in the Senate.

“I’ve voted against things that, you know, he doesn’t like,” Graham said. “The point is, to Lisa: Would you support the idea that our allies should pay us back if they can when we’re $34 trillion in debt?” he added.

Also, Graham mentioned his support for offering Ukraine more aid in its conflict with Russia. However, he suggested that this aid should be in the form of a loan, with Ukraine repaying it after the war. “This is ‘America First’ in action. It’s not isolationism, but it is considering the needs of the American people,” he added.

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Additionally, he repeated his support for Ukraine, saying, “I hope to be going to Ukraine soon, and I hope to tell them, ‘The aid is coming.’” Graham was also asked questions about the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. To which he responded, “I literally about fell out of my seat” during Biden’s State of the Union address to Congress on Thursday.

This was when Biden said Hamas could end the conflict by releasing all of the hostages they took on Oct. 7. “Is the president saying that if the hostages are released by Hamas, they can stay in power?” he asked.

“President Trump believes it’s non-negotiable when it comes to Hamas. They have to be destroyed militarily. They can’t be in charge. So, I’m challenging the Biden administration today to clear this up. You cannot allow Hamas to stay in power,” he added.

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He also raised doubts about Biden’s mental sharpness, urging him to “get in a room with former President Donald Trump and debate.” His call for a debate between the two political figures was to see a direct comparison of their leadership styles, policies, and cognitive abilities.

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“If there’s ever an election in the history of America that deserves a debate between two candidates, it’s this election,” Graham told “Meet the Press.” Graham said Trump is ready to debate anytime, anywhere, according to the Trump campaign.

However, Biden’s campaign hasn’t firmly decided whether Biden will debate Trump. The president had said that debating would depend on Trump’s behavior.

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