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HomeNewsAdam Schiff Urges Intelligence Officials to “Dumb Down” Briefing for Donald Trump

Adam Schiff Urges Intelligence Officials to “Dumb Down” Briefing for Donald Trump

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Adam Schiff
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There is little doubt about it. Donald Trump is a candidate for the upcoming elections, and few people are happy about it.

Now that he is a presidential nominee, he will be briefed on national security matters. While this is standard practice, one Democrat says they need to limit what will be shared with him. 

The Democrat in question is Rep. Adam Schiff. He is a California Democrat who was the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee until Kevin McCarthy, then the Republican House Speaker, got rid of him. 

He hopes U.S. intelligence officials will limit the information they share with Trump when they finally brief him. “I have to hope — and knowing the intelligence community, as I do — that they will dumb down the briefing for Donald Trump. That is, they will give him no more information than absolutely necessary,” said Schiff.

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POLITICO was the first to report that intelligence officials were preparing to brief Trump on national security matters if he secures the GOP nomination this summer. Naturally, there were concerns, given Trump’s past mishandling of classified documents.

Briefing Trump is tantamount to maintaining a practice that dates back to 1952. Schiff admitted this. But he also noted on Sunday that it is the first time an administration has willingly revealed classified information with a candidate facing criminal charges related to their handling of classified material.

Given Trump’s track record, “we can’t trust that he will do the right thing with that information,” Schiff argued on Sunday during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “He’s been so reckless.”

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Schiff finished first in last Tuesday’s primary. In November, he will face Republican Steve Garvey for California’s open Senate seat. Aside from Schiff, “Meet the Press” also recently had interviews with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. He was only too happy to let people listening know that Biden had botched everything. 

“Biden has screwed the world everywhere you can. Broken borders and the world is on fire,” Graham said. He challenged Biden to “get in a room” with Trump and debate instead of reading a teleprompter, stating, “If there is ever an election in the history of America that deserved a debate between the two candidates, it’s this election.”

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After his success in the Super Tuesday primaries, the former president challenged his successor for a debate “anytime, anywhere.” However, it seems Biden will not give him the privilege, saying, “It depends on his behavior.”

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