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Homeland Security Ramps Up Security To Respond to Election Threats

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Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told news media United States Today in a private conversation that the agency is ready for an unusual range of voting hazards.

These include deliberate disinformation campaigns aimed at misleading citizens, harassment at the polling unit, dangers of explosives, and interference by international authorities.

According to Alenjadro, the DHS is putting in its best effort in preparation. One essential component of our democratic system is the ability to participate in elections and the authenticity of that ability, which in turn ensures the fairness of the electoral process.

He emphasized that the effort is not biased and that the authorities’ goal is not a partial one. Alejandro stated that the agency has gathered more resources than in the past to assist state and local election authorities in strengthening electoral facilities against attacks, particularly via (CISA Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency).

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The agency classified the electoral system as part of the country’s essential infrastructure in January 2017 in reaction to Russia’s persistent attempts to breach the DNCS (Democratic National Committee’s systems) and influence the 2016 national presidential poll.

This implies that since resources, structures, and infrastructure for election are deemed so important to America and their disability or loss would cause a crippling impact, safeguarding them, regardless of their nature, be it digital or physical, becomes a high priority. 

The agency Sec, Alejandro, stated that there is an intentional investigation into three categories of risk. According to Mayorkas, cybersecurity is part of the risk to the credibility of American voting outcomes, which is frequently caused by hostile nations. 

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The United States authorities had come to a decision that, while less aggressive than in 2016, when it attempted to support former Mr. Trump against Democratic opposition Hillary Clinton, Russia, along with China, Iran, and possibly other countries, has continued to interfere in America’s election system and procedures. 

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Alejandro added that the second, the physical risk related to electoral forces and personnel, has been in operation since 2020 when Trump lost the position and allegedly accused the system of dubious activity regarding the election’s outcome. 

Several scenarios of this are visible around us, like the case of a man in Arizona harassing one of the electoral personnel and family, including firing into a large group of voting officials. In another event in Florida, a man on the voting site requested an opinion to either shoot the workforce one after the other or do a mass killing by destroying the facility. 

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According to the news media United States Today, some Democrats are scared of the disaster that may arise should President Joe emerge as the winner of the election.

According to the DHS secretary, the last threat is the problem of spreading the wrong information. This could involve lying to delude voters from voting, including at the appropriate date. 

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In January, several eligible Democratic voters in New Hampshire were deceived by an AI-generated voice of President Biden urging them not to participate in the primaries. Security personnel experts on electoral activities stated that pressure and issues related to election matters would increase during the election.

This year’s presidential quest is a replay of the 2020 election, which involved the same contenders (Trump and Biden) for the highest seat of power in the country. Trump allegedly said he was robbed of victory in the last poll. 

Neumann Elizabeth, who was the assistant secretary of counterterrorism and threat prevention at DHS in former President Trump’s government, said the risk, danger, violence, and people will mastermind various mischievous strategies to cause distractions during the election. 

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