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“He’s Freaking Out!” Trump Says About Biden’s Photo With Pope Francis

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Pope Francis and Joe Biden exchanging pleasantries
Source: Pinterest

Donald Trump has made bold claims about what a shared moment between Pope Francis and President Joe Biden at the G7 summit, triggering different reactions on social media. It is yet another episode in the saga between the former president and his sworn enemy, highlighting just how much animosity there is between them. 

Trump made the statement on his social media platform Truth Social, an app he created back when X was still called Twitter and was always censoring his tweets before eventually kicking him out because of his polarizing statements. 

What Trump Said 

Trump at an outing looking at the camera
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The G7 summit is a high-profile gathering and there were several pictures that documented the event. One of them was an intimate photo that captured Pope Francis and Joe Biden looking into each other’s eyes with their foreheads touching, and it caught Trump’s eye. Many thought it depicted warmth, but not according to Trump, who suggested that the Pope looked weirded out by the gesture. He claimed the Pope was “freaking out” and asked if it was “normal.”

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Was He Wrong?

Biden and the Pope touching heads
Source: Pinterest

The Pope did raise his eyebrows in the picture as if questioning the sanity of what was happening. However, footage from the summit shows that the two men warmly exchanged greetings—a direct contradiction to Trump’s inferences. The interaction between Biden and the Pope was captured publicly, but the discomfort Trump highlighted seemed implausible, leading to mixed interpretations of the look on the Pope’s face.

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What Happened At the Vatican Meeting

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Joe Biden pointing out something to the Pope during one of their interactions
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The White House has released a detailed summary of what the POTUS discussed with the Pope during the meeting. Some of the topics they touched on included the Vatican’s humanitarian response to what is going on in Ukraine. The religious outfit has been doing its part by helping abducted Ukrainian children reunite with their families.

How Biden Feels About the Pope

Pope Francis and Joe Biden standing next to eachother smiling
Source: Pinterest

Biden harbors a deep respect for Pope Francis and all that he represents, and he said as much during their meeting. The official statement highlighted more of their discussion, which included global issues ranging from ever-present poverty to persecution and the environmental crisis, which proves that they both have a shared interest in addressing these challenges.

A Deep Connection 

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Pope Francis
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Joe Biden has been very vocal about how he feels about Pope Francis and often looks upon their past meetings with fondness. Unlike Trump’s insinuation, the Pope also seems to share mutual respect and fondness for the President. In 2021, Biden revealed that his unwavering faith pleases Francis, proof of their deep personal connection. 

Trump Takes a Dig At Biden’s Cognitive Capacity 

A closeup of Donald Trump
Source: Pinterest

During one of his recent speeches, Trump once again drew attention to Biden’s cognitive capabilities, questioning his knowledge of basic economic terms. According to the former president, the current one does not know what “inflation” means and needs to take a cognitive test like he did. The statement triggered a discussion focused on presidential fitness.

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A Trump Mistake 

Ronny Jackson
Source: Pinterest

Nobody is perfect, but when someone famous for criticizing his opponent’s mental capabilities makes a mistake, it doesn’t escape scrutiny. It happened to Trump during the same speech in which he insulted Biden’s cognitive health when he called his former White House physician “Doc Ronny Johnson” instead of Ronny Jackson. It did not take long for the mistake to spread on and off the internet, thanks to the media and his critics who pointed out how ironic his comments about Biden’s mental state were in light of it. 

A Trump Recovery

Ronny Jackson smiling happily
Source: Pinterest

It was a mistake, but Trump quickly recovered and still felt confident enough to praise his own spotless health record under Dr. Ronny Jackson’s care. He even claimed that the doctor called him “the healthiest president in history,” a testament to his image of robust health while in office. 

A Trump Strategy

Joe Biden

Biden’s age and mental state have long been a talking point for Trump and his supporters. He frequently brings it up, a strategy that is part of a broader narrative he is creating to emphasize what he sees as a significant contrast in vigor and mental acuity between himself and Biden.

Ronny Jackson Supports Trump’s Claims

Donald Trump pointing during one of his campaign rallys
Source: Pinterest

Ronny Jackson, now a congressman, is a loyal ally of Trump and is known to back his claims about health and leadership. Jackson’s support for Trump is important because it plays a crucial role in reinforcing what Trump says about his fitness and leadership qualities, especially as the election gets closer. 

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How Biden’s Team Responded to Trump’s Mistake

A person on a phone

It did not take long for Biden’s campaign to respond to Trump’s misnaming of Ronny Jackson. They used the mistake to counter Trump’s criticisms of Biden’s cognitive state. They even posted the clip on X (formerly Twitter), a part of their strategy to deflect Trump’s constant attacks on Biden’s mental capabilities. 

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