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Fox’s Laura Ingraham Talks About Missing Her Show After a United Airlines Diversion

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Media host Laura Ingraham narrated how she was unable to do her job as a result of an airline issue. The top media host who works at Fox spoke about how she had to inform the studio of her unavailability as a result of a delayed flight.

On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, Ingraham took to her X page, explaining why she couldn’t be at the show. According to Ingraham, she had booked a flight with United Airlines, which was to take her to Houston, where the studio was. However, the flight plan was changed by the airline, and instead of going from Washington DC, to Houston, it diverted to Austin. This single action kept her and other passengers in the air for more than 7 hours. 

Ingraham announced it around 6 pm on May 28, 2024, an hour before her 7 p.m. show. Fox News also confirmed this, informing their viewers of the hostess’s inability to appear. She expressed her disappointment in her post, saying she was forced to miss the show, on the night of a big story. 

In a last-minute decision, Jeanine Pirro, who co-hosts the five, was requested to represent Ingraham. Pirro took charge of the show, whose topic of discussion centered on Donald Trump’s Hush Money trial in New York. However, Ingraham wasn’t completely unavailable, as she called barely 30 minutes into the show.

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Pirro announced Ingraham’s calls to the viewers before stating the obvious about her flight troubles, which Ingraham confirmed. Ingraham started with how she had been in the air for eight hours, claiming it wasn’t a pleasant experience. However, she acknowledged that, despite the experience, everyone on the flight was nice and tolerant.

She continued by apologizing to the viewers for her absence. Ingraham explained that, because of the flight, there was no way she could create a makeshift studio. She also acknowledged that the airline seemed to be having problems with the weather and their equipment.

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However, moving to the topic of the show, Ingraham said she witnessed the unfolding of the Trump trial in Manhattan, New York. She classified a proceeding as a “weaponization of the judicial system.” She added that despite her anger at her flight delay, the trial seemed to elicit more anger from her.

Trump’s hush money trail has been the talk in most media outlets over the last few months. On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, Trump’s attorneys delivered their close arguments as the trial came to a close.

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Fox News and its affiliates have studios nationwide, including a costly setup built for Tucker Carlson during the epidemic. Even Rupert Murdoch’s business is unable to broadcast a show mid-flight. 

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In response to Ingraham’s post, United Airlines’ X account apologized and said it would investigate the matter. When reached for comment, the airline did not respond as it was outside official hours.

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