Thursday, July 25, 2024
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First Lady Jill Biden Says the President’s Low Poll Ratings “Are Going to Turn”

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In a recent interview, the First Lady of the United States of America gave her opinion on her husband’s reelection chances. The First Lady made certain claims and comments while in a conversation with the interview hosts.

On Wednesday, May 29, 2024, the nation’s First Lady, Jill Biden, had an interview with ABC’s “The View.” Biden believes that a lot will change before November 5, 2024, and in her husband’s favor. This comes as Biden’s re-election chances remain behind Republican candidate Donald Trump.

During the interview, Alyssa Farah Griffin asked the First Lady how Trump was leading Joe Biden in different polls, contrary to Numbers 2020. Griffin inquired how the Biden campaign aimed to turn the election in their favor despite the election being five months away.

The First Lady responded that her husband’s campaign was doing everything in its power to get across to every American. She added Joe Biden Biden has begun to travel more to reach out to Americans. Additionally, she said nothing would be taken lightly, as she believes that the polls are going to improve in their favor. 

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Biden claimed that despite the polling results, Americans will always choose good over evil. This comes in the wake of several polls showing the former president leading every important swing state. This state includes Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Arizona. 

Griffin asked Biden about her husband’s age and how, at 80 years old, he would become the oldest president the country has ever had. This has been a major concern among a lot of Americans, as they believe the president’s age might prevent him from discharging his duties with total competence.

Responding to the inquiry, Biden reminded the interviewers that the election was not about age, as Trump was also 77. Biden claimed that both candidates are in the same age bracket, with a less than four-year age difference. She said that the election was about the candidate’s character and what they meant.

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Speaking on character, Biden said that voters have two options at the polls: Trump and her husband. According to Biden, Joe Biden is well known as someone with integrity, strength, and reliability. She further describes him as smart and energetic, while she referred to Trump as chaos.

In another interview, the First Lady dismissed the idea when she was asked about the president trailing in a key swing state. The interviewer, Tony Dokoupil, continued to speak on Trump’s lead at the poll before the First Lady cut him off. She said that Joe was not losing in all important states but rather was coming up.

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, during an interview with “The View,” Charlamagne Tha God was asked to endorse the president. Charlamagne Tha God is a popular radio host and TV personality. The host asked why he had said he would not endorse anyone, despite his endorsement of Biden in 2020. One of the hosts, Sunny Hostin, said that now is not the time to be silent about one’s political leanings before asking why he doesn’t want to endorse Biden.

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The radio personality made it clear that he intended to cast a ballot in November 2024, preferring to focus on topics instead of people. Additionally, Charlamagne claimed to have witnessed the presenters pressure other guests for a Biden’s endorsement.

Charlamagne asked if they would rather him support an individual or the idea that, particularly, one should safeguard democracy. He added that he believes both candidates are garbage and doesn’t feel like supporting either publicly.

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