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Chicago Street Cops Fire 96 Shots in Fatal Traffic Stop, Leaving One Dead

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Dexter Reed
Source: Reddit

The ordinary day turned tragic for Sheila Banks when her son, Dexter Reed, set out in his new SUV. “Momma, I’m going out for a ride,” he casually mentioned before leaving. But what was supposed to be a simple outing ended in horror as Reed, 26, was fatally shot by Chicago police officers in a barrage of gunfire.

The incident, which occurred on March 21, has raised some eyebrows and raised some questions about the use of deadly force by law enforcement. According to the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA), nearly 100 rounds were fired in less than a minute by officers during the encounter.

Initial reports from the officers indicated that Reed was pulled over for a seat belt violation. However, COPA has cast doubt on this explanation, leading to increased tensions surrounding the case. 

In a press conference, Andrew M. Stroth, a prominent civil rights attorney representing Reed’s family, spoke about the circumstances of the shooting. Stroth emphasized that Reed was unarmed and attempted to surrender when he was killed. 

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The release of bodycam footage by the police accountability board has clarified some things about the events leading up to Reed’s death. The footage shows a confrontation that escalated quickly, with Reed resisting commands from the officers. Gunshots were heard, and Reed was fatally wounded.

Amid calls for accountability, city officials, including Mayor Brandon Johnson and State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, have expressed condolences but stopped short of endorsing charges against the officers involved. 

The shooting adds to Chicago’s troubled history of police interactions, particularly with men of color. The use of deadly force and the circumstances surrounding Reed’s death have restarted debates about police reform and accountability in the city.

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Andrea Kersten, head of the accountability board, has raised serious concerns about the officers’ actions and the justification for the use of lethal force. Kersten highlighted discrepancies in the officers’ accounts and questioned the necessity of their response.

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At a news conference, attorneys representing Reed’s family criticized the shooting as a disproportionate use of force. They pointed out the systemic issues within the police department, citing Reed’s encounter as another example of unconstitutional practices.

The legacy of police-community relations in Chicago has been marred by past incidents, including the murder of Laquan McDonald in 2014. Despite federal orders to reform policing, concerns persist over aggressive tactics and pretextual stops.

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Mayor Johnson condemned the shooting as “deeply disturbing” and emphasized the city’s commitment to transparency. The quick release of the bodycam footage is seen as a step towards accountability, a departure from past practices of withholding information.

For Banks, Reed’s mother, the pain of losing her son is a huge one. Reed, who has been described as a caring individual who looked after his family, was unjustly taken away. As she tries to handle this grief, she questions the actions of law enforcement and seeks justice for her son.

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The tragic death of Dexter Reed serves as a blatant reminder of the challenges faced by communities of color in their interactions with law enforcement. As investigations continue and calls for accountability grow louder, the call for justice continues.

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