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Molly Sims Recounts Starving Herself After Someone Called Her “Too Fat” During Modeling Days

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Molly Sims revealed she “pretty much” starved herself after being told she was ‘too fat’ during her early days as a model. “The moment I crossed over into modeling, it was only how I looked,” Sims said.

The 50-year-old recounted her experience in a preview clip of her interview on Sunday, April 7, 2024, in the GVC+ and HSN+ series Getting Grilled With Curtis Stone episode. “I never knew that my nose was crooked,” she added.

A picture of Molly Sims
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Meanwhile, host Curtis Stone insisted that her nose was “not crooked.” Sims explained that it is a result of a childhood injury. “The photographer would be like, ‘Can you move over a little bit to your left? Can you move a little bit to your right?'” she continued.

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“Finally, after two weeks of modeling, I’m like, ‘Is there something wrong?’ They’re like, ‘Your nose is crooked. You’re not symmetrical.'” she said. “And I was like, ‘What?’ And then, you know, I was told I was ‘Too fat, too big, too blond, too dark.’ I mean, it was a stressful time.”

Molly Sims Recounts How Her Relationship With Food Became ‘Very Difficult’

Due to the harsh comments she received, Molly Sims said that her relationship with food became “very difficult.” “I think it was hard, that transition of food, because I never really thought about food,” she said.

“I was in college, going to Wendy’s, eating a Frosty with French fries.” Sims continued, “It went from that to basically, I wouldn’t say starving myself, but pretty much. So, it was such a drastic change. I had a lot of support from my mom and my dad, but it was hard.”

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Stone, 48, chimed in, noting that she was likely “blending in” at the time with others in the fashion industry who shared her same strained relationship with food.

How Molly Sims’ Career Began

Molly Sims entered the profession in the 1990s during the “heroin chic” era typified by supermodels like Kate Moss and Gia Carangi.

A picture of Molly Sims
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Sims left Vanderbilt University in the 1990s to pursue her modeling career. Her risk ultimately paid off, as she has since become one of the industry’s biggest models, appearing on the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and other magazines.

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Sims explained that she comes from a “very Southern” family that constantly cooks and eats, so transitioning into modeling was difficult. “I think you don’t know what you know until you know,” she said. “I mean, I got pretty thin because of the pressure. The pressure of being sent back home makes you very disciplined.”

Molly Sims Has Always Been on a Calorie Deficit Diet 

In 2023, the “Vegas” star shared on her Instagram stories that bone broth is one of her go-to’s for maintaining her physique. She wrote, “Anti-ageing, good for digestion and gut, helps my joints after workouts, better sleep. This has been game-changing for me.”

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In the video, she also showed herself drinking lentil soup, which she says is “in and of itself a drink,” ice water, chai, and a glass of rose, which happens to be from Cameron Diaz’s line of wines. “Have a little rose lunch now and then,” she said. 

Does Molly Sims Have Children? 

The former Sports Illustrated model is married to Netflix executive Scott Stuber. The couple have three children: Brooks Alan, 11, Scarlett May, 8, and Grey Douglas, 7. During the interview, Sims said she took a break from Hollywood when her kids were still young to focus more on her family. 

A Picture of Molly Sims
Source: Pinterest

“You know, I started older,” Sims explained. “I had my first baby when I was 39 years old. I’ve done a lot in a very short amount of time.” She continued, “It’s like a record—three kids in five years. But I think because I was older and I met my Prince Charming a little bit later in life, I had to buckle down.”

“We weren’t able to have a real family if I didn’t take a little bit of a step back in my career,” Sins added. Contrary to the comments she received about her appearance at the start of her career, Sims’ self-titled beauty and lifestyle blog is about celebrating people’s beauty.

“This is storytelling through one lens. It may click open on travel, on food, on parenting, on culture, on anything. But at the heart of our narrative, there is beauty,” her blog’s description reads. “There is beauty everywhere.”

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