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Authorities Identify Body of Man Who Presumably Went Over Niagara Falls Over 30 Years Later

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Niagra Falls
Source: Reddit

Authorities in New York revealed this week that a person’s cadaver that has been significantly decomposed was discovered on the shoreline of Lake Ontario and has finally been identified over three decades later.

The Oswego County Sheriff’s Office disclosed that the remains, found on April 8, 1992, in close proximity to what is presently the Novelis Plant, belonged to Vincent C. Stack from Buffalo.

Stack had vanished in Niagara Falls State Park around December 4, 1990. Oswego County, located north of Syracuse, is adjacent to Lake Ontario and lies more than 100 miles east of Niagara Falls.

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An autopsy performed by the office of the medical examiner determined that the individual had perished between six months and five years prior to the unearthing of the body 34 years ago, as stated by the agency on Tuesday in a Facebook announcement.

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“At the time, efforts to identify the remains by comparing them to missing person cases were unsuccessful,” the sheriff’s office noted.

Niagara Falls, arguably the most renowned and frequented waterfall in all of North America, forms part of the nation’s oldest state park. Sixteen years later, in 2008, a DNA profile gotten from the remains was entered into the CODIS database; however, officials stated that no leads were generated until recently.

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Revived Attempts and a Familiar DNA Connection to Vincent Stack

In April 2022, during resurged attempts to confirm the identity of the remains, the sheriff’s office, along with the Niagara Regional Police Service in Ontario, commenced comparing and contrasting the death inquiry with unresolved cases in Canada.

During this period, Police Detective Constable Sara Mummery assisted in obtaining a fresh DNA sample from the remains for further comparison in the Lake Ontario region in both Canada and the United States.

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In February of 2024, the authorities were able to match the DNA sample with genetic material collected from the family of Stack, who was 40 when he disappeared, according to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. The sheriff’s office notified Stack’s family of the identification.

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Cadaver Suspected To Have Plunged Over Falls and Traveled 145 Miles Across Lake Ontario

Over the course of the year and four months subsequent to Stack’s disappearance, authorities indicated that his remains would have traveled approximately 15 miles to the river’s mouth, and subsequently more than 130 miles across Lake Ontario before being discovered on the shore outside the city of Oswego.

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The Oswego County Sheriff’s Office and the Niagara Regional Police Service are each working to identify other unidentified remains cases in the area, the authorities said. Individuals who have any information regarding the case are urged to reach out to the sheriff’s office.

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