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Woman Resigns From Job After Scratching Off $90,000 Lottery Win

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Reshawn Toliver Showing her prize money
Source: Reddit

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to say Goodbye to a job you never really liked? That’s exactly what one Kentucky resident did after securing a $90,000 lottery reward through a scratch-off game.

Reshawn Toliver purchased several $5 Wild Cash Multiplier scratch-off tickets from a local gas station, just plain excited by playing and scratching them off within the confines of her home in Hopkinsville, located around 170 miles south of Louisville.

As the hidden numbers were unveiled on the initial four tickets, Toliver assumed the fifth one held no value, despite revealing three “7” symbols. “I figured it was going to be another $5 win,” Toliver told lottery officials. “I even rolled my eyes in frustration when I saw that.”

Yet, Toliver’s expectations were proven wrong. The supposedly insignificant ticket turned out to be the card with the $90,000 top prize, as confirmed by the lottery. “I screamed! I’ve never hollered that loud before,” Toliver said.

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Startled by her shrieks, Toliver’s partner and son rushed to check if she was alright. Overwhelmed by a burst of emotions, she found that she couldn’t contain her laughter and screams upon realizing her sheer luck, as shared with lottery officials.

Toliver got the top prize by matching three “7” symbols in the second game. When a player successfully aligns three symbols within the game, the prize corresponding to the match is given, the lottery explained.

On March 4, Toliver journeyed all the way to the Kentucky Lottery headquarters, where she officially claimed her $64,800 prize after accounting for taxes. While many lottery beneficiaries opt for travels, mortgage repayments, savings, or anonymity, Toliver opted for a rather different approach—she resigned from her job.

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Toliver later disclosed to the Kentucky Lottery officials that she had been contemplating quitting her current job for some time and switching to an alternative career path. Winning the lottery provided her with the much needed support as she embarked on her job search.

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“I was unhappy with my job and God made a way,” Toliver said. “I felt bad leaving but I’m relieved to be able to quit my job.”

Curious about the odds of securing a win in the Wild Cash Multiplier game? The overall probability stands at 1 in 3.65, according to the Kentucky Lottery. As for the likelihood of getting the $90,000 grand prize, it relies on the volume of tickets sold, the lottery explained.

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To get lottery tickets, individuals can visit their nearby convenience stores, gas stations, or grocery outlets. Alternatively, in select states, including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Texas, Washington D.C., and West Virginia, tickets can be purchased online through Jackpocket—the official digital lottery courier of the USA TODAY Network.

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Through the Jackpocket app, you can select your preferred lottery game and numbers, place orders, view tickets, and claim winnings—all from the comfort of their phone or computer.

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