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Florida Official Under Investigation for Stealing 96-Year-Old Victim’s $100K Savings and Blowing It on a Facelift

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A Florida official is under investigation for allegedly stealing a 96-year-old woman’s savings. Investigators say the official spent the money on a facelift and a new home. Regina Hill, an Orlando city commissioner, is facing accusations from Florida investigators over the crime.

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They accuse her of securing a power of attorney over the unnamed elderly victim. They claim she used the money to buy a home, a facelift, clothing, and car insurance payments. Also, she lavishly spent on dental surgery and a New Year’s Eve stay at a Miami hotel.

Court documents reveal she used the woman’s name to secure a mortgage and spent over $100,000 on several things. Although authorities have neither arrested nor charged Hill, she is the subject of a state investigation. 

The investigation started in February 2023 when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) received a tip from one of her staffers whom she fired. According to court documents, Hill met the woman in March 2021 as a commissioner.

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After hearing about her poor living conditions, the Orlando Commissioner intended to help her improve them. Within a month, she became the woman’s power of attorney. She also became her pre-need guardian and health care surrogate, the affidavit alleges.

According to reports, the victim had over $164,000 when she met Hill. The commissioner then used her power of attorney to secure a mortgage for a home in the Lake Mann Estates area of Orlando.

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However, investigators argue she did so without the woman’s consent or knowledge. Hill’s son and girlfriend are reportedly living in the home. In contrast, Hill lives in a separate home that reportedly once belonged to the older woman’s parents, which she allegedly spent a large portion of the savings to renovate.

Court documents also state that the older woman claimed she did not give Hill her consent to use her savings to secure a mortgage. After the charges became public, an Orange County judge ordered Hill to cease all contact with the woman.

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Also, the 96-year-old victim has since received a new power of attorney. The case, which sounded unbelievable considering it involved a state official, quickly garnered attention. However, Hill, an Orlando City Council member since 2014, denied the accusations.

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“It’s unfortunate that I have been thrust into these circumstances with these allegations,” she said. She also added that she “loved and cared for” the woman “like my own family.” The Orlando Commissioner also noted that after ten years of service, she has “love and compassion for my constituents.”

While discussing the multiple allegations, Hill stated that she was ready to defend herself. “I know I’m entitled to due process, which I trust,” she said. And I will await my day in court to prove my innocence.” 

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