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Whoopi Goldberg Slams Questions About Being Better Four Years Ago, Says Voters Have “Memory Issues”

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Source: ABC/Youtube

Co-host of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg, said Americans were having “temporary memory problems” as they discussed a Republican question about whether people feel “better off” than they did four years ago.

“So why do some people have short memory problems? There are many other reasons to feel good about where we are. Why is there no tracking?” she asked.

At the end of the talk show segment, Goldberg criticized the question and said it was “disrespectful to the American people.”

“Black people, we weren’t in this madness of trying to figure out why our history is no longer welcome in the education system. Women were realizing something was happening.

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“All you have to do is ask are we better off than before? Ask the thousands of people who are no longer here. That’s how you’ll know if we’re better off. Ask their families. Are they better off without their loved ones? “What a stupid question. This is a stupid question and disrespectful to the American people in my opinion, in my humble opinion.”

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Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who worked in the Trump administration, said Republicans were committing “political malpractice” by asking the question.

She argued that while the economy was “objectively doing better” under Biden, people felt like they had more money in their 401ks under the Trump administration.

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Sunny Hostin criticized the former president and said the Democratic Party could do more to highlight how “terrible” Trump’s four years were.

“I think Democrats need to do more to send the message that yes, we are better off right now because of everything Biden has done, but I will say this, you know, even though Trump may have— be done, you know. , proposed Operation Warp Speed, and I don’t know why he came up with this term.

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I believe he is so responsible for the mishandling of the pandemic that over a million Americans have died, including my in-laws, and that’s largely because he had his son-in-law who didn’t Shouldn’t have been in the White House. first, manage the response. Someone who has absolutely no medical history, no experience,” she added.

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A Fox News Poll of March found that only 22% of voters say they are better off than four years ago, while more than twice as many, 52%, say they are worse off.

The poll also found that 73% of voters rated the economy negatively.

The co-hosts referenced the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the segment, and Ana Navarro said she lives with anxiety every day under the Trump administration.

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“In addition to the Covid problem, which you know how incredibly serious and sad cost so many lives, I can tell you that I was receiving death threats. I was experiencing, a level of anxiety that I didn’t realize until after Trump left office because every day I woke up wondering what scandal, what horrible thing he was going to tweet about. What international incident would it cause? I mean, I couldn’t get away from the news. Now I enjoy playing Words with Friends and Fishdom,” Navarro said.

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