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“Absolute Embarrassment!” Critics Lambast Liberal DC Mayor for Her Ignorance

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A picture of Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser
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Democrat Washington, DC., Mayor Muriel Bowser came under attack earlier this week for her statement during a press conference. According to reports, Bowser swiped at Virginia traffic during a conference while trying to keep the Washington Wizards and Capitals, the city’s professional basketball and hockey teams, from relocating to the state.

Consequently, critics condemned her for forgetting where her city’s Metro lines run. “I’m the D.C. mayor. I’m not an expert on their crime, but that traffic is notorious,” Bowser said. “So people know about it. And, I think, which lines go to that station?”

She referenced the new Potomac Yards Metro station in Virginia, near the site of the proposed arena for the teams. However, someone from the audience answered, “Blue and yellow.” Hence, Bowser repeated, “Blue and yellow.”

Afterward, she tried naming the Metro lines that run to Gallery Place, the Metro station that serves Capitol One Arena. “So, every line goes to Gallery Place, right? Red, blue, orange, and yellow,” Bowser said, confused. “Yellow? And green. Is that right? I think that’s right.”

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However, reports suggest the red, green, and yellow lines are the only lines that run through D.C.’s Gallery Place station. The yellow and blue lines, on the other hand, are the only lines that run through Alexandria’s Potomac Yards station.

Consequently, critics from both sides quickly took to social media to blast Bowser. Some called her comments “embarrassing,” and others questioned whether she rode the Metro.

“You gotta be kidding me…” Republican strategist John Burke wrote. Similarly, Jason Johnson, communications director for Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), wrote, “Our city leadership is an absolute embarrassment.”

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In addition, Thomas Falcigno, communications director for Rep. Eric Sorensen (D-Ill.), questioned the last time Bowser rode the Metro. Doug Stafford, the chief strategist for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), also described city leadership as a “clown show.”

Aside from the backlash from critics from both sides of the political divide, several media outlets also criticized the Mayor. “Of course, she doesn’t,” Daily Caller reporter Henry Rodgers wrote. “She rides in black cars with private security while the city burns.” Similarly, Politico’s Anthony Adragna called Bowser’s comments “astounding.” 

“This is so embarrassing,” Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman added. Following the criticism, Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced that both teams would move out of D.C. He revealed they would move into Alexandria’s new $2 billion “world-class” entertainment complex.

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The move comes as rising crime continues to grip D.C. Consequently, the owners of the two major league sports teams announced a move to a yet-to-be-constructed complex in Alexandria. However, USA Today reported that a $36 million mortgage-type payment on the site has been weighing on the teams’ owner, Ted Leonsis.

Despite the backlash she received from the public, media, and fellow politicians, Bowser remains silent. The Mayor has not contacted the media, nor has her office. 

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