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Woman Who Sued Texas Over Abortion Rights Speaks Out Before Biden’s State of the Union Address

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A picture of Kate Cox
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Last fall, Kate Cox became a focal point in the national reproductive rights discourse after she filed an unsuccessful lawsuit against Texas. Cox sought an emergency abortion during her pregnancy, aiming to obtain a medical exception from the state’s near-total abortion ban.

On Thursday night, Cox, along with her doctor, Damla Karsan, will be guests of first lady Jill Biden. This will be at President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address at the Capitol.

Their presence in the chamber underscores Biden’s focus on abortion access heading into the presidential election year. Many House and Senate Democrats have also invited other women and healthcare providers affected by the restrictive abortion laws.

This has gone into effect in more than a dozen states after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overruling Roe v. Wade in 2022. In their first joint interview, with ABC Senior Congressional Correspondent Rachel Scott, Cox and Karsan expressed anticipation for Biden’s speech and the attention on reproductive rights.

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“It’s an incredible honor,” Cox said. “I’m so grateful we’re having this conversation.” “It’s so important that the country be aware of what’s going on, and what’s at stake,” Karsan said.

Cox shared that she and her husband were thrilled when they discovered her third pregnancy, eager to add to their growing family. “As soon as I got a positive pregnancy test, I ran into the playroom where my husband was wrestling with the other kids and showed him the test. We were both just so excited and celebrated,” she recalled. “It was a really joyful time.”

Cox shared the devastating news that her fetus was diagnosed with a fatal genetic condition known as trisomy 18, leaving little chance of survival. “It’s really heartbreaking because I was so excited for our third baby.

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It’s the hardest news I’ve ever received,” she expressed, fighting back tears. Cox also spoke about the challenges of being pregnant while knowing the outcome, especially when facing questions from others about the pregnancy.

Dr. Karsan explained that Cox’s uterus was at risk of rupturing, posing a threat to her health and future pregnancies. “The risks increase by the day. The risk of hemorrhage, the risk of uterine rupture,” Dr. Karsan emphasized.

Cox described the pregnancy as one filled with pain and suffering, acknowledging that it was never going to result in a baby they could take home.

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Kate believed that the narrow exception in Texas law, allowing abortion to prevent bodily harm or save the mother’s life, applied to her situation. However, her case reached the Texas Supreme Court, and unable to wait for a decision, she had to leave the state for an abortion. 

Ultimately, the court ruled against her, determining she didn’t qualify for an abortion under the exception. Dr. Karsan expressed the fear among physicians in Texas, stating that they risk losing their medical license and facing severe penalties for performing abortions. 

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