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Who Is Janice Griffin? All About the Adult Actress

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Janice Griffin is a famous actress in the adult entertainment industry. Please keep reading to learn more about her identity without the cameras.  

The adult entertainment industry is not easy to get into, let alone be successful. However, Mia Khalifa and Janice Griffin have found a way to overcome all the hurdles and ensure success. 

While Griffin may not be as famous as Khalifa, she is undoubtedly in the league of the rich, fan-favorite adult stars. She had a passion for acting from a very young age and decided to become an adult actress later in life. 

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What influenced this decision, and who is Janice Griffin when the lights go out? Stick to the end of this article to find out! 

Who Is Janice Griffin?

Janice Griffin, also known as Janice Griffith or Samantha Schimmel, is an American Adult actress. She was born in New York on July 3, 1995. As of 2023, Griffin is 28 years of age. 

Janice Griffin (Source: Pinterest)

She was born in the United States but also has Indian, German, Italian, and Guyana descent. According to reports, she got her Indian, German, and Italian heritage from her father. Her mother, on the other hand, is purely Guyanese by birth. 

Not much is known about her parents, but her mother was a teacher during her active years, and her father was a banker. She hasn’t revealed much about her family, so it is difficult to say if she is the only child of her parents or if she has some siblings she grew up with. 

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Information about her educational background has yet to be discovered, but it was confirmed that she has her primary education and attended college. Griffin decided to take up acting as a career in college and began her journey. 

What Does Janice Griffin Do?

Janice is known as an adult actress who has been passionate about her craft since her debut. She is intentional about her art and is not afraid to switch things up occasionally. For example, Griffin usually changes her hair color and skin tone from film to film. 

This makes her stand out in an industry where most women have a particular way they must look all the time. She has featured in many adult movies and a few regular films. 

In 2014, she was cast in the mini-series “A Band Apart” in the first episode. At the age of 20, the adult star was awarded an Oscar in the category of 18 for “Best Starlet.”

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Some of her credited features include: 

  • Who’s your Daddy (2014),
  • Sleeping Beauty XXX (2014),
  • Love, Sex and Television News (2015),
  • Coaching Neighbor (2016), and
  • After Dark (2019). 

Is Janice Griffin a Model? 

The “Riddle” actress is also an accomplished model. She started modeling in college and never dropped it after becoming an actress due to her love for pictures and cameras. 

She got signed to several modeling agencies early in her career and has been active ever since. The star sometimes models for regular brands but mostly poses for lingerie brands to show off her amazing body and curves. 

Janice Griffin
Janice Griffin Modeling (Source: Facebook)

Griffin takes her acting and modeling jobs very seriously and is a source of inspiration for people who look up to her. 

Was Janice Griffin on “Family Guy?”

The “April Lover” actress was not featured in the famous animated series “Family Guy.” She has never been cast in the show, and it does not seem she will be on it anytime soon. Fans thought Griffin was on the show when a character named “Janice Hilbert” appeared. 

Janice Hilbert appeared on the eleventh episode of the series’s thirteenth season and caught many fans’ attention. In her brief appearance in the episode, she was just a girl that Quagmire had some sexual relations with. 

This made fans assume it could have been Janice Griffin who played this role. However, Griffin is not credited as the voice actress; therefore, it is confirmed that she wasn’t the one who voiced the character. Maggie Wheeler is credited as the voice actress of the character. 

Janice Griffin’s Obituary

As with many celebrities, Griffin has been subject to many death rumors. However, the “Three Days to Escape” star is still alive. 

Now in her late 20s, she has made a good earning from her career and is living life to the fullest. She loves reading and traveling and can be seen living a good life via her pictures on Instagram. 

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