Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Trump Makes U-Turn, Launches Biggest Absentee Ballot Reversal Yet

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Despite his previous outcry against absentee voting, Donald Trump has changed his opinion. The former president began to encourage his supporters to cast their votes before the election day.

On Tuesday, June 4, Trump along with Trump Force 47 and the Republican National Committee announced early voting. The statement informed republican supporters and the nation of the “Swamp The Vote USA” initiative.

The initiative was set up by the Republicans to encourage supporters to make use of the early voting and mail ballots system. The program focused on states and districts the RNC views as crucial for their presidential ambitions.

In the announcement, Trump stated that the republican has to be victorious and must utilize every legal way of doing so. He said the win was compulsory because the Democrats are ruining the nation. Additionally, he assured his supporters that regardless of the voting method, he is going to ensure every vote is secured.

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Taking a dig at the Democrats, Trump said that the only way to ensure the Republican’s vicifg was to show up to the election in massive numbers. He continued by saying that if the Democrats were swamped with votes, there would be no way for them to cheat. He ended by encouraging Republicans and his supporters to ensure they fulfill all the requirements to vote, saying every vote is necessary. 

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When the early voting system was introduced, Trump was one of the major critics of the system. He has on numerous occasions questioned the legitimacy of the election system. In 2020, when the election method was first implemented, Trump argued against it. However, after the 2020 election which he lost, he claimed election fraud was committed through the system. 

In March 2024 Trump had spoken against the system, describing the system as completely corrupt to his supporters. Consequently, Trump’s post on June 4, 2024, came as an absolute surprise when he decided to ensure his supporters embraced the system.

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Although he had said something similar in a Truth Social post in April 2024. He wrote “ABSENTEE VOTING, EARLY VOTING, AND ELECTION DAY VOTING ARE ALL GOOD OPTIONS. REPUBLICANS MUST MAKE A PLAN, REGISTER, AND VOTE!”

As a result of Trump’s well-known distrust of the system, the Democrats have secured a substantial advantage over the GOP regarding the system. The system was introduced during the COVID pandemic where a majority of voters opted to go with the system. According to the report, during the pandemic, a total of 69% of the votes cast were done via the early voting system.

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However, the embracing of the early voting system has been shown to have some benefits for the Republicans. In 2023, voting data showed that Governor Glenn Youngkin’s urging of early voting to Republicans likely contributed to GOP victories in Virginia’s election.

Republicans outperformed the state average in nine out of the 12 House districts and four Senate districts that the Virginia Public Access Project identified as having the most competitive party tilt.

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