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Chad Daybell’s Death Sentence: What to Know About Idaho’s Death Penalty

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Are you familiar with Chad Daybell’s legal drama? If not, you are reading the right piece! Recently. Daybell was found guilty of the murders of his first wife and two of his second wife’s children. It’s no surprise because wicked people get what they deserve, right?  

Chad Daybell in the Courtroom
Source: KTVB: YouTube

Interestingly, Chad Daybell has been sentenced to death for his chilling crimes. Although we are unsure of the exact timeline and certainty of his execution, I suggest you stay tuned because this case is far from over! 

What Is the Idaho’s Death Penalty Like?

In Idaho, capital cases typically undergo long processes, often extending to the US Supreme Court before an execution. Moreover, a death sentence in Idaho mandates a post-conviction review, and defendants can appeal even after the filing of a death warrant. 

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Chad Daybell in the Courtroom
Source: NewsNation/ YouTube

Meanwhile, Daybell’s high-profile case, alongside the upcoming capital trial of Bryan Kohberger—who has pleaded not guilty to the murders of four University of Idaho students—casts a spotlight on Idaho’s rarely used death penalty. Earlier this year, the state made headlines when it aborted its first execution attempt in over ten years. 

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How Is Death Sentence Carried Out in Idaho?

Regarding the death penalty in Idaho, you must understand that executions are rare and not frequently used. Since the US Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976, Idaho has executed only three individuals, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. The first execution happened in 1994, while the other two in 2011 and 2012. To provide more context, Texas has executed 580 inmates during this same period, the highest number in any state. Oklahoma, which leads in executions per capita, has executed 124 people.

Chad Daybell
Source: Pinterest

Few states have as few executions as Idaho, among the 27 states where the death penalty is legalized. Kentucky, Montana, and Pennsylvania have also each executed only three individuals since 1976. Even fewer executions have occurred in Kansas, Wyoming, and Oregon, with zero, one, and two executions, respectively. Moreover, Idaho’s death row population is still small. Before Daybell’s sentencing, only eight inmates were on death row, according to the Idaho Department of Corrections. On the contrary, California, with a population over 21 times larger than Idaho’s, has 638 inmates on death row,  nearly 80 times the number in Idaho. Bigger state, bigger problems, right?

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More Details on Idaho’s Death Penalty

Earlier this year, Idaho officials attempted their first execution in over a decade. Unfortunately, some complications forced them to abort the procedure. These difficulties were because of the inability to establish an intravenous line to administer the lethal injection. Notably, this problem is similar to those in other states like Alabama. In 2022, Alabama officials aborted two executions due to similar challenges accessing inmates’ veins before the expiration of their death warrants. Why do you think they called off Thomas Creech’s execution? 

Chad Daybell
Source: Pinterest

It was due to the aforementioned complications. Creech’s planned execution could not proceed after eight unsuccessful attempts to establish IV access. According to Josh Tewalt, Director of the Idaho Department of Correction, the execution team encountered two problems: access issues and the quality of Creech’s veins. While the procedure was unsuccessful, Tewalt commended the medical team for not proceeding. He emphasized Idaho’s commitment to carrying out executions with “dignity, professionalism, and respect.” Additionally, he disputed claims that the halted execution was a failure, noting the department would reassess its next steps as Creech’s warrant expired.

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Idaho’s Execution Methods Raise Eyebrows 

The interruption of Creech’s execution has caused many to ask about the future of capital punishment in Idaho. According to Tewalt, a second attempt at lethal injection, Idaho’s primary execution method, would require getting new chemicals. Although he seems confident about this approach, many states still face these difficulties. This is because pharmaceutical companies increasingly refuse to supply products for executions. In fact, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has postponed several executions due to such supply issues.

Chad Daybell
Source: NewsNation/ YouTube

To address these challenges, Idaho recently legalized an alternative execution method. In 2023, Governor Brad Little signed a law permitting the use of a firing squad if lethal injection drugs are unavailable. At least, this would overcome the procurement problems that have plagued many states. But is firing squad execution in Idaho feasible yet? No. As of late February, Idaho lacked the necessary facilities to conduct firing squad executions, according to Josh Tewalt. However, Tewalt informed corrections staff that efforts were underway to retrofit the execution chamber to accommodate this alternative method. As it stands, Idaho’s execution method is still up in the air. What’s your take: a firing squad showdown or the cold death of lethal injections? It is a debate that’s as wild as the story itself. Which is the best bet?

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