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Cybertruck Owner Accuses Tesla of Not Allowing Him Return or Resell His Vehicle Despite Being too Big for His Garage

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A picture of Blaine Raddon's Cybertruck.
Source: songuncelhaberr /X

While making big purchases, it is always necessary to evaluate every possibility before making a decision. This is the story of Blaine Raddon, who purchased a Tesla cyberpunk, however things didn’t go as planned.

When the vehicle debuted on November 30, 2023, Raddon was in Bali with his wife, where he live-streamed the event. As soon as he saw the vehicle he knew he wanted it, which saw him pre-order the vehicle. Radon finally received his order in May 2024 at which point his living position had changed. 

On May 24, 2024, Raddan posted on X, announcing that would like to sell or return the vehicle, but he isn’t allowed to. The restrictions that prohibit him from transferring ownership of the electric vehicle is Tesla’s Motor Vehicle Order Agreement. The agreement contains a specific part for Cybertruck which prevents Raddon from selling the truck till 2025. He signed the contract when the vehicle was delivered to him in May 2024.

According to the agreement, if Rabban shows transfer ownership of the EV, Telsa could sue him for damages. Telsa could also decide whether or not to allow the buy to purchase their vehicle. According to Raddon the reason he wanted to sell the vehicle was because of his parking space.

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At the time of his purchase, Raddon had a better parking space enough for his truck. However, when the truck was delivered he had separated from his wife and relocated to a new home. Given that he had been an avid collector of Tesla vehicles, he did not consider the truck parking space when he was choosing his new house.

To his surprise, the vehicle was a lot bigger than what he had expected, making it delivery somewhat difficult. Additionally, he claimed his mobility into the vehicle was very limited because there was no space left. 

On May 22, 2024, Raddon sent an email to the manager of the Salt Lake City Tesla dealership expressing his desire to return the vehicle. The written request mentioned an in-person discussion with the Tesla dealership manager but omitted details about his changed circumstances.

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When the Cybertruck turned out to be larger than he had anticipated, Raddon claimed to have notified the manager directly and requested one of four options: reverse the purchase, exchange the Cybertruck for a new car, sell it back to Tesla, or permit him to sell it for a markdown or profit.

On May 23, 2024, the Tesla store manager disputed Raddon’s claim that justifying an unforeseen situation would prompt Tesla to acquire his Cybertruck. He said that Raddon could not sell his Cybertruck privately for one year.

For the Cybertruck, the management referred to the Motor Vehicle Order Agreement and Tesla’s “no resellers” policy. Tesla may allow the owner to sell with permission for unforeseen circumstances. If the permission is granted, the owner will be refunded the full buying price with a reduction concerning certain conditions.

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Raddon has reaffirmed his decision to abide by the contract and has no plan of challenging Tesla’s decision or hiring a lawyer. Additionally, he stated that while his building allows him to park his truck there they also excluded themselves in case the truck gets damaged.

Raddon stated he is still awaiting a response from Tesla, one week after he sent the company his lengthy message to challenge the ruling.

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